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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Prospect Team NameDraft Year Overall Pick Information Lien
A. J. GreerPhiladelphia Flyers201538
A.J. JenksDallas Stars
AUSTIN WUTHRICHMinnesota Wild2012138
Aapeli RasanenTampa Bay Lightning2016128
Aaron IrvingChicago Blackhawks2014182
Adam AlmquistFlorida Panthers
Adam AlmqvistDetroit Red Wings2009206
Adam BraceDetroit Red Wings
Adam BrooksToronto Maple Leafs201693
Adam ChapieTampa Bay Lightning2016199
Adam CourchaineBoston Bruins
Adam EstocletBoston Bruins
Adam FoxMontreal Canadiens201673
Adam GaudetteAnaheim Ducks2015166
Adam GilmourMinnesota Wild201299
Adam HelewkaNashville Predators2015116
Adam MarshArizona Coyotes2015208
Adam MascherinOttawa Senators201639
Adam MorrisonAnaheim Ducks
Adam MusilNashville Predators201586
Adam Ollas MattssonBoston Bruins2014159
Adam ParsellsLos Angeles Kings2015160
Adam PolasekMinnesota Wild
Adam SchmidtDetroit Red Wings
Adam WernerPittsburgh Penguins2016167
Aidan MuirArizona Coyotes2013123
Alden HirschfeldWinnipeg Jets
Alec DillonBuffalo Sabres2014156
Aleksi MakelaVancouver Canucks2013188
Aleksi SaarelaMontreal Canadiens201598
Ales StezkaPittsburgh Penguins2015132
Alex BoakWashington Capitals
Alex DostieDetroit Red Wings2016139
Alex GudbransonEdmonton Oilers
Alex LintuniemiSan Jose Sharks201458
Alex LyonTampa Bay Lightning2016112
Alex NedeljkovicPhiladelphia Flyers201434
Alex SchoenbornArizona Coyotes2014103
Alex TuchColumbus Blue Jackets201419
Alex VelischekWashington Capitals2009145
Alexander DebrincatMinnesota Wild201623
Alexander DergachyovTampa Bay Lightning201547
Alexander KadeykinDetroit Red Wings2014146
Alexander KerfootNew York Islanders2012122
Alexander NylanderMinnesota Wild201610
Alexander PetersPittsburgh Penguins2014111
Alexander RadulovSan Jose Sharks
Alexander RuuttuWashington Capitals201155
Alexander SalakDetroit Red Wings
Alexandre BelangerWinnipeg Jets2013203
Alexandre CarrierPittsburgh Penguins
Alexandre MalletWashington Capitals
Alexis PepinColumbus Blue Jackets2014130
Alexis VanierNew York Islanders201462
Alfons MalmstromVancouver Canucks2016116
Anatoli GolyshevBuffalo Sabres2016131
Anders BjorkLos Angeles Kings2014136
Andong SongCarolina Hurricanes2015188
Andre Bouvet-MorrissetteWinnipeg Jets
Andre PeterssonBoston Bruins
Andreas EnglundMinnesota Wild201450
Andreas EngqvistSan Jose Sharks
Andreas JohnsonNew York Islanders2013169
Andreas SoderbergCarolina Hurricanes2014164
Andrei MironovMinnesota Wild2015112
Andrej MeszarosColumbus Blue Jackets
Andrew ClarkBoston Bruins
Andrew EbbettPhiladelphia Flyers
Andrew JohnstonWinnipeg Jets
Andrew MangiapaneSt. Louis Blues2015156
Andrew NielsenDetroit Red Wings201587
Andrew PeekeDallas Stars201661
Andy BathgateSan Jose Sharks
Andy WelinskiWinnipeg Jets2011108
Anthony AngelloNew York Rangers2014177
Anthony BeauvillierNew York Rangers201529
Anthony BrodeurNew Jersey Devils2013149
Anthony CirelliNew York Rangers201582
Anthony FlorentinoBuffalo Sabres2013110
Anthony LouisOttawa Senators2013187
Anthony RichardTampa Bay Lightning2015102
Anthony SalinitriVancouver Canucks2016206
Anton BelovDetroit Red Wings
Anton CederholmToronto Maple Leafs2013159
Anton KarlssonBoston Bruins201451
Anton LindholmDetroit Red Wings2014176
Anton VolchenkovDallas Stars
Artem SergeevColorado Avalanche
Arthur GavrusFlorida Panthers2015193
Artturi LehkonenCarolina Hurricanes201365
Artur KayumovBuffalo Sabres201671
Austin FytenChicago Blackhawks
Austin LeviNew Jersey Devils
Austin MadaiskyWashington Capitals
Austin PoganskiSt. Louis Blues2014120
Austin WagnerFlorida Panthers201573
Auston MatthewsLos Angeles Kings20161
Avery PetersonArizona Coyotes2013176
Axel HolmstromEdmonton Oilers2014162
Axel Jonsson-FjallbyToronto Maple Leafs2016178
Barry AlmeidaChicago Blackhawks
Beau SchmitzBoston Bruins
Beau StarrettMinnesota Wild2014110
Beck MalenstynColumbus Blue Jackets2016142
Ben HanowskiMinnesota Wild
Ben StormToronto Maple Leafs2013167
Ben ThomasNew York Islanders2014122
Benjamin CasavantMinnesota Wild2009142
Benjamin MarshallEdmonton Oilers2010203
Blaine ByronSt. Louis Blues2013184
Blake HeinrichVancouver Canucks2013158
Blake HillmanToronto Maple Leafs2016208
Blake SiebenalerSt. Louis Blues201489
Blake SpeersArizona Coyotes201577
Bobby RobinsSan Jose Sharks
Bobby SheaOttawa Senators
Boris KatchoukNew York Rangers201640
Brad MorrisonMontreal Canadiens2015130
Brad NavinNew Jersey Devils2011203
Brad PhillipsChicago Blackhawks
Brad RichardOttawa Senators
Brad WinchesterOttawa Senators
Braden BirchColumbus Blue Jackets2008192
Bradley EidsnessWinnipeg Jets
Bradon WhitneyCalgary Flames2012123
Brandon ArchibaldSan Jose Sharks2010116
Brandon BaddockNashville Predators2014175
Brandon CarloDallas Stars201537
Brandon DuhaimeSan Jose Sharks2016150
Brandon GignacSt. Louis Blues2016102
Brandon HagelBuffalo Sabres2016147
Brandon HalversonAnaheim Ducks201461
Brandon HickeyPittsburgh Penguins201483
Brandon KozunColorado Avalanche
Brandon McMillanSan Jose Sharks
Brandon YipOttawa Senators
Brayden BurkeWinnipeg Jets2016195
Brayden IrwinFlorida Panthers
Brayden PointToronto Maple Leafs201443
Brendan BellPhiladelphia Flyers
Brendan BurkeNew York Islanders2013157
Brendan CollierCarolina Hurricanes2012176
Brendan GuhleColumbus Blue Jackets201563
Brendan LemieuxFlorida Panthers201418
Brendan MikkelsonToronto Maple Leafs
Brendan O'DonnellColumbus Blue Jackets2010160
Brendan PerliniWinnipeg Jets201411
Brendan WarrenMinnesota Wild201595
Brent AndrewsArizona Coyotes2011185
Brent GatesAnaheim Ducks201580
Brent MoranWashington Capitals201481
Brett FlemmingWashington Capitals
Brett HowdenArizona Coyotes201622
Brett LefflerWinnipeg Jets
Brett MacLeanChicago Blackhawks
Brett McKenzieNew Jersey Devils2016180
Brett MurrayTampa Bay Lightning2016114
Brett PerliniWinnipeg Jets2010197
Brett PollockFlorida Panthers201447
Brett SeneyTampa Bay Lightning2015153
Bretton CameronChicago Blackhawks
Brian CooperNew York Rangers2012139
Brian FaheyDetroit Red Wings
Brian PinhoNew Jersey Devils2013180
Brock BeukeboomMinnesota Wild201069
Brock BoeserNashville Predators201526
Brooks MacekCarolina Hurricanes2010109
Bryce AneloskiTampa Bay Lightning2010201
Brycen MartinBuffalo Sabres201464
C.J. LudwigWashington Capitals
COLLIN OLSONChicago Blackhawks2012151
Cal PetersenBuffalo Sabres2013132
Caleb JonesLos Angeles Kings2015115
Callum BoothNew Jersey Devils2015103
Calvin ThurkaufNew Jersey Devils2016188
Cam DineenColumbus Blue Jackets201669
Cam ReidPittsburgh Penguins
Cameron ClarkeBoston Bruins2016170
Cameron HughesMinnesota Wild2015174
Cameron MorrisonWashington Capitals201632
Carl DahlstromSt. Louis Blues201343
Carl GrundstromWashington Capitals201662
Carl KlingbergAnaheim Ducks
Carl NeillLos Angeles Kings2015163
Carl SneepMinnesota Wild
Carsen TwarynskiBoston Bruins201691
Carson McMillanChicago Blackhawks
Carson SoucyWashington Capitals2013130
Carter AshtonColumbus Blue Jackets
Carter HartWashington Capitals201644
Casey FitzgeraldCalgary Flames201681
Casey StaumEdmonton Oilers2016157
Cedrick DesjardinsMontreal Canadiens
Chad BillinsBoston Bruins
Chad KrysToronto Maple Leafs201659
Chandler YakimowiczChicago Blackhawks2014197
Charles McAvoyCalgary Flames201621
Chase LangLos Angeles Kings2014193
Chase PearsonTampa Bay Lightning2015137
Chase PerryMontreal Canadiens2014124
Chet PickardToronto Maple Leafs
Chris CalnanNew York Islanders201291
Chris CarrozziColorado Avalanche
Chris ClappertonArizona Coyotes2013129
Chris LeblancColumbus Blue Jackets2013173
Chris MartenetMinnesota Wild2015118
Chris NellDallas Stars2016153
Chris RawlingsDetroit Red Wings
Christian DvorakLos Angeles Kings201477
Christian FischerEdmonton Oilers201535
Christian HansonSan Jose Sharks
Christian JarosPhiladelphia Flyers2015136
Christian WolaninVancouver Canucks2015121
Christoffer EhnDetroit Red Wings201493
Christopher BrownBuffalo Sabres2014140
Christopher CarrozziWinnipeg Jets2008169
Christopher CraneDetroit Red Wings2010202
Christopher PaquetteBoston Bruins2016181
Christopher WilkieWinnipeg Jets2015165
Chuck KobasewDallas Stars
Clark BishopAnaheim Ducks2014142
Clayton KellerNew York Islanders20166
Cliff PuBuffalo Sabres201641
Clifford WatsonPittsburgh Penguins2012194
Clinston FranklinAnaheim Ducks2014150
Coda GordonNashville Predators2012163
Cody PayneBoston Bruins2012144
Colby CohenCarolina Hurricanes
Colby WilliamsMinnesota Wild2015191
Cole CandellaColumbus Blue Jackets2016126
Colin BlackwellCarolina Hurricanes2011199
Colin JacobsPhiladelphia Flyers
Colin SullivanNew York Rangers2011208
Colin WhiteChicago Blackhawks201530
Collin AdamsCarolina Hurricanes2016204
Colton GilliesCalgary Flames
Colton PointColumbus Blue Jackets2016108
Colton WhiteColumbus Blue Jackets201591
Conner BleackleyDallas Stars201424
Conner HurleyBuffalo Sabres201333
Connor BunnamanVancouver Canucks2016104
Connor ChathamMontreal Canadiens201478
Connor CliftonPittsburgh Penguins2013151
Connor HallColumbus Blue Jackets201678
Connor HobbsWashington Capitals2015152
Connor IngramNew York Rangers201690
Conor GarlandSt. Louis Blues2015126
Cooper MarodyNew Jersey Devils2015169
Corey DurocherSt. Louis Blues201072
Corey FienhageWashington Capitals
Craig WyszomirskiWashington Capitals201126
Cristiano DigiacintoNew York Rangers2014198
Cristopher NilstorpEdmonton Oilers
Cristoval NievesDetroit Red Wings201257
Curtis GedigArizona Coyotes2009187
DANIEL O'REGANColumbus Blue Jackets2012174
DANIIL ZHARKOVBoston Bruins201277
DOMINIC TONINATOFlorida Panthers2012137
Dakota JoshuaToronto Maple Leafs2014143
Dalton ThrowerArizona Coyotes201254
Damien BrunnerDallas Stars
Damien RiatWashington Capitals2016152
Dan BiegaEdmonton Oilers
Dan SpangSan Jose Sharks
Dane BirksArizona Coyotes2013153
Daniel AudettePhiladelphia Flyers2014113
Daniel BernhardtCalgary Flames2015107
Daniel BrodinDetroit Red Wings2010163
Daniel GunnarssonTampa Bay Lightning201276
Daniel PribylBoston Bruins2011178
Daniel VladarColumbus Blue Jackets201590
Dante FabbroAnaheim Ducks201613
Danton HeinenLos Angeles Kings2014134
Dany HeatleyDallas Stars
Darcy ZajacSan Jose Sharks
Darian DziurzynskiDetroit Red Wings
David BernhardtWinnipeg Jets2016165
David CottonMinnesota Wild2015184
David DrakeToronto Maple Leafs2013198
David HonzikArizona Coyotes201179
David KaseNashville Predators2015146
David MossDetroit Red Wings
David PopeDetroit Red Wings2013109
David QuennevilleBuffalo Sabres2016161
David UllstromBoston Bruins
David WestlundLos Angeles Kings2014184
Denis GurianovVancouver Canucks201521
Denis MalginDetroit Red Wings2015117
Dennis CholowskiPittsburgh Penguins201628
Dennis GilbertBuffalo Sabres201578
Dennis PerssonWinnipeg Jets
Dennis YanMontreal Canadiens201557
Derek MathersCalgary Flames
Derek RodwellDetroit Red Wings2009178
Derek WhitmorePittsburgh Penguins
Devante StephensBuffalo Sabres2015125
Deven SideroffMinnesota Wild201597
Devon ToewsSan Jose Sharks2014118
Dillon DubeNashville Predators201660
Dillon FournierPittsburgh Penguins
Dmitry SinitsynChicago Blackhawks2012201
Dmitry SokolovCalgary Flames2016141
Dmitry ZhukenovToronto Maple Leafs2015133
Dmytro TimashovNew York Islanders2015109
Dominic TurgeonSt. Louis Blues201470
Dominik BielkeWinnipeg Jets2009188
Dominik KubalikDetroit Red Wings2013185
Dominik MasinBoston Bruins201439
Drake CaggiulaAnaheim Ducks201646
Drew DanielsWashington Capitals2008210
Drew LeBlancCarolina Hurricanes
Dryden HuntPittsburgh Penguins201687
Dylan GambrellLos Angeles Kings201688
Dylan SadowySan Jose Sharks201492
Dylan SikuraCarolina Hurricanes2014204
Dylan StromeWashington Capitals20153
Dylan WellsChicago Blackhawks2016105
Dysin MayoBuffalo Sabres2014126
Eamon McAdamToronto Maple Leafs201386
Edgars KuldaNew York Islanders2014154
Edward PasqualeNew York Islanders
Edward WittchowColorado Avalanche2011165
Eetu TuulolaFlorida Panthers2016133
Elvis MerzlikinsFlorida Panthers201498
Emil GalimovCalgary Flames2013209
Emil PetterssonBoston Bruins2013170
Eric CornelWashington Capitals201444
Eric KnodelTampa Bay Lightning
Erik CernakLos Angeles Kings201551
Erik FoleyNashville Predators201581
Erik NystromMontreal Canadiens
Ethan BearNew York Rangers2015119
Evan CampbellChicago Blackhawks2013144
Evan CormierMinnesota Wild2016103
Evan CowleyMontreal Canadiens2013105
Evan FitzpatrickSt. Louis Blues201672
Evan SmithNew York Islanders2015199
Evgeny DadonovFlorida Panthers
Evgeny GrachevChicago Blackhawks
Evgeny SvechnikovAnaheim Ducks201523
FRANCOIS BRASSARDMinnesota Wild2012127
Felix SandstromTampa Bay Lightning201579
Filip AhlSt. Louis Blues201596
Filip BerglundChicago Blackhawks201685
Filip ChlapikColorado Avalanche201543
Filip GustavssonToronto Maple Leafs201663
Filip HronekBuffalo Sabres201648
Filip LarssonCalgary Flames2016201
Francis BeauvillerBuffalo Sabres2012135
Francis PareBoston Bruins
Francis PerronWashington Capitals2014194
Frans TuohimaaDallas Stars
Frederic AllardPhiladelphia Flyers201674
Frederic St. DenisWinnipeg Jets
Frederik OlofssonMinnesota Wild201480
Frederik Pettersson-WentzelChicago Blackhawks2010111
Frederik TiffelsWinnipeg Jets2015182
Fredrik BergvikChicago Blackhawks2013134
Fredrik KarlstromColorado Avalanche2016101
Gabriel BeaupreMontreal Canadiens
Gabriel CarlssonMontreal Canadiens201532
Gabriel FontaineOttawa Senators2016130
Gabriel GagneSt. Louis Blues201536
Gabryel Paquin-BoudreauColorado Avalanche201348
Gaelan PattersonDetroit Red Wings
Gage AusmusColumbus Blue Jackets2013164
Garrett HaarChicago Blackhawks2011204
Garrett MetcalfChicago Blackhawks2015210
Garrett MeursTampa Bay Lightning
Garrett PilonNew York Rangers2016121
Garrett RoeBoston Bruins
Geoffrey SchemitschOttawa Senators2010122
Georgio EstephanBuffalo Sabres2015138
German RubtsovPittsburgh Penguins201624
Givani SmithEdmonton Oilers201667
Gleason FournierOttawa Senators
Glen GawdinNew York Rangers2015114
Graham KnottSt. Louis Blues201566
Graham McPheeChicago Blackhawks2016175
Grant BesseCalgary Flames2013160
Greg NemiszWashington Capitals
Gregg SutchOttawa Senators2010144
Guillaume BriseboisTampa Bay Lightning201569
Guillaume DesbiensPittsburgh Penguins
Guillaume LatendresseBoston Bruins
Gustav BourammanNew York Islanders2015181
Gustav ForslingPittsburgh Penguins2014141
Gustav PosslerBuffalo Sabres2013145
HENRI KIVIAHODallas Stars2012161
Hampus GustafssonPhiladelphia Flyers201572
Hampus MelenColumbus Blue Jackets2013202
Hardy Haman-AktellChicago Blackhawks2016134
Harri PesonenFlorida Panthers
Hayden HawkeyArizona Coyotes2014138
Haydn FleuryVancouver Canucks201410
Henrik BjorklundCalgary Flames2009128
Henrik BorgstromFlorida Panthers201634
Hudson ElynuikOttawa Senators201664
Hudson FaschingLos Angeles Kings2013115
Ian McCoshenTampa Bay Lightning201342
Igor BobkovSan Jose Sharks
Igor MakarovChicago Blackhawks
Igor RykovCarolina Hurricanes2016169
Igor ShesterkinNew York Rangers2014116
Ilya BryzgalovDallas Stars
Ilya KovalchukChicago Blackhawks
Ilya SamsonovMontreal Canadiens201527
Ilya SorokinLos Angeles Kings2014112
Ivan NalimovDetroit Red Wings2014206
Ivan ProvorovSt. Louis Blues20156
Ivan TeleginCarolina Hurricanes
J.D. DudekCalgary Flames2014148
J.T. CompherNashville Predators201346
J.T. WymanWashington Capitals
JAKE BISCHOFFEdmonton Oilers2012205
JAYNEN RISSLINGEdmonton Oilers2012199
JOHN DRAEGERColumbus Blue Jackets201295
JONATAN NIELSENMinnesota Wild2012181
Jack DoughertyWashington Capitals201433
Jack GloverNashville Predators201459
Jack KopackaWinnipeg Jets201675
Jack LafontaineNashville Predators201682
Jack RoslovicBuffalo Sabres201531
Jack SadekCalgary Flames2015197
Jack WalkerNew Jersey Devils2016158
Jackson HouckMontreal Canadiens201394
Jacob CederholmWashington Capitals201692
Jacob DowellChicago Blackhawks
Jacob LarssonOttawa Senators201514
Jacob MiddletonBuffalo Sabres2014186
Jacob MoverareFlorida Panthers2016124
Jaedon DescheneauSt. Louis Blues2014131
Jake BeanPhiladelphia Flyers201614
Jake DeBruskPhiladelphia Flyers201516
Jake GuentzelOttawa Senators201387
Jake JacksonNashville Predators2013204
Jake MarchmentTampa Bay Lightning2014153
Jake MassieNew Jersey Devils2015151
Jake RyczekNew York Rangers2016190
Jake WalmanBuffalo Sabres201466
Jakob ChychrunSt. Louis Blues201612
Jakob Forsbacka-KarlssonPhiladelphia Flyers201553
Jakob StukelFlorida Panthers2016154
Jakub CulekArizona Coyotes201083
Jakub ZborilWinnipeg Jets201515
James GreenwayNashville Predators201686
James LivingstonMinnesota Wild
James MullinWashington Capitals2010140
Jamie PhillipsArizona Coyotes2012207
Jamie TardifFlorida Panthers
Jan MursakDetroit Red Wings
Jani HakanpaaNew York Rangers
Jani LajunenFlorida Panthers
Janne JuvonenMinnesota Wild2013205
Janne KuokkanenDetroit Red Wings201651
Jansen HarkinsPhiladelphia Flyers201534
Jared StaalDetroit Red Wings
Jaroslav JanusNew York Islanders
Jarrod MaidensCarolina Hurricanes201263
Jason ClarkChicago Blackhawks
Jason MissiaenDetroit Red Wings
Jason WilsonWinnipeg Jets
Jayce HawrylukWashington Capitals201442
Jean-Christophe BeaudinSt. Louis Blues201570
Jean-Sebastien BerubeWinnipeg Jets2008109
Jean-Sebastien GiguereEdmonton Oilers
Jeff DimmenBoston Bruins
Jens LookeLos Angeles Kings201592
Jeremiah AddisonSt. Louis Blues2015186
Jeremy BraccoNew York Islanders201539
Jeremy HelvigNew Jersey Devils2016119
Jeremy LauzonLos Angeles Kings201567
Jeremy RoyBuffalo Sabres201518
Jesper BrattSt. Louis Blues2016192
Jesper LindgrenEdmonton Oilers2015110
Jesper SamuelssonWashington Capitals2008194
Jesse GabriellePhiladelphia Flyers2015106
Jesse PuljujarviDallas Stars20163
Jimmy VeseyChicago Blackhawks201294
Joacim ErikssonChicago Blackhawks
Joe FaustMontreal Canadiens
Joe HickettsBuffalo Sabres2015142
Joe RogalskiNew York Islanders2010168
Joe WegwerthColumbus Blue Jackets2014109
Joel DaccordNew York Islanders2015209
Joel Eriksson-EkAnaheim Ducks201520
Johan SundstromNew York Rangers
John CurryMinnesota Wild
John ErskineMontreal Canadiens
John GilmourNew York Islanders2013194
John HaydenCalgary Flames201370
John LeeFlorida Panthers
John MarinoChicago Blackhawks2015180
John NybergBoston Bruins2014189
John PiccinichCalgary Flames201494
John QuennevilleNew Jersey Devils201437
Johnathan MacLeodNashville Predators201475
Jon RheaultDetroit Red Wings
Jonas GunnarssonLos Angeles Kings2016210
Jonas HolosFlorida Panthers
Jonas JohanssonCalgary Flames201446
Jonas SiegenthalerNashville Predators201556
Jonathan AngNew York Rangers2016137
Jonathan DahlenNashville Predators201638
Jonathan DiabyAnaheim Ducks
Joni PitkanenCarolina Hurricanes
Joni TuulolaLos Angeles Kings2015162
Jonne TammelaOttawa Senators2015140
Joona KoppanenMontreal Canadiens2016138
Joonas LyytinenCarolina Hurricanes2014133
Joonas NattinenColumbus Blue Jackets
Joonas RaskCarolina Hurricanes
Jordan GreenwayNashville Predators201552
Jordan KyrouSt. Louis Blues201642
Jordan SambrookNew York Islanders201699
Jordan StallardArizona Coyotes2016143
Joren Van PottelbergheMinnesota Wild2015131
Joseph AndersonOttawa Senators201643
Joseph CecconiWashington Capitals2015123
Joseph WollMontreal Canadiens201679
Josh AndersonEdmonton Oilers201697
Josh GodfreyWashington Capitals
Josh WesleyNew York Rangers2014100
Joshua Ho-SangToronto Maple Leafs201422
Joshua JacobsDallas Stars201441
Joshua MahuraBuffalo Sabres201676
Joshua ShallaSan Jose Sharks
Judd PetersonChicago Blackhawks2012167
Juho LammikkoWashington Capitals201487
Julien GauthierWinnipeg Jets201615
Julien NantelFlorida Panthers2014152
Julien PelletierTampa Bay Lightning2014119
Julius NattinenLos Angeles Kings201555
Julius VahataloPhiladelphia Flyers2014101
Jussi RynnasBoston Bruins
Justin JokinenToronto Maple Leafs200893
Justin KirklandSt. Louis Blues201465
Justin PenderDetroit Red Wings
Justin SeftonColorado Avalanche2011114
Jérémy GrégoireAnaheim Ducks2013113
KEVIN ROYEdmonton Oilers201282
Kaapo KahkonenPhiladelphia Flyers201460
Kale ClagueBoston Bruins201654
Karch BachmanWashington Capitals2015122
Karel VejmelkaPittsburgh Penguins2015164
Karlis CuksteDetroit Red Wings2015150
Kasper BjorkqvistSt. Louis Blues201689
Keaton MiddletonPittsburgh Penguins2016117
Keaton ThompsonBoston Bruins201392
Keegan IversonNew York Rangers201476
Keegan KanzigMinnesota Wild201332
Keegan KolesarNashville Predators201564
Keith AulieFlorida Panthers
Keith BallardPhiladelphia Flyers
Keith SeabrookWashington Capitals
Kelly SummersNew York Rangers2014187
Kenton HelgesenAnaheim Ducks2012202
Keven BouchardAnaheim Ducks2014166
Kevin BoyleSan Jose Sharks2016163
Kevin ElgestalPittsburgh Penguins2014201
Kevin GagneMontreal Canadiens
Kevin LabancSt. Louis Blues2014185
Kevin LindArizona Coyotes2010188
Kevin StenlundMinnesota Wild201571
Kieffer BellowsAnaheim Ducks201616
Kirill KaprizovDallas Stars2015127
Konstantin VolkovSan Jose Sharks2016202
Kory NagyBoston Bruins
Kris FoucaultOttawa Senators
Kristian OldhamColumbus Blue Jackets2015177
Kyle BigosWinnipeg Jets2009115
Kyle CapobiancoToronto Maple Leafs201583
Kyle ConnorFlorida Panthers201513
Kyle De CosteSan Jose Sharks2008164
Kyle JenkinsTampa Bay Lightning2014183
Kyle PettitOttawa Senators2014180
Kyle SchemppAnaheim Ducks2014179
Kyle WoodArizona Coyotes201467
Landon BowLos Angeles Kings2016207
Lars VoldenSt. Louis Blues2011181
Lawson CrouseDallas Stars201511
Levko KoperWinnipeg Jets2009194
Liam CoughlinArizona Coyotes2014147
Liam DundaWashington Capitals2015201
Libor HajekColumbus Blue Jackets201636
Linus HogbergCarolina Hurricanes2016174
Linus HultstromLos Angeles Kings2016146
Linus LindstromLos Angeles Kings201698
Linus NassenEdmonton Oilers2016127
Linus SoderstromNew York Islanders201485
Logan BrownNashville Predators20168
Logan StanleyTampa Bay Lightning201619
Louis BelpedioEdmonton Oilers2014114
Louis LeblancCalgary Flames
Louis NanneCarolina Hurricanes2012206
Luc SnuggerudOttawa Senators2014127
Lucas CarlssonBoston Bruins2016140
Lucas JohansenNew Jersey Devils201630
Lucas WallmarkDetroit Red Wings201488
Ludwig BlomstrandWinnipeg Jets2011134
Lukas BengtssonTampa Bay Lightning2016155
Lukas JasekPittsburgh Penguins2015194
Lukas SutterCarolina Hurricanes
Lukas VejdemoDallas Stars201585
Luke GreenPittsburgh Penguins201668
Luke JohnsonWashington Capitals2013125
Luke KuninBuffalo Sabres201618
Luke OpilkaOttawa Senators2015172
Luke StevensNew Jersey Devils2015139
MATTHEW BEATTIEMinnesota Wild2012152
MATTHEW DEBLOUWMinnesota Wild2012182
MATTHEW GRZELCYKNew York Rangers2012108
MICHAEL CLARKEWashington Capitals201284
MIKAEL WIKSTRANDOttawa Senators2012210
Mackenze StewartNew York Rangers2014210
Mackenzie BlackwoodPittsburgh Penguins201544
Mackenzie MaceachernBuffalo Sabres201292
Magnus NygrenBoston Bruins
Malte StromwellNew York Rangers2016203
Mantas ArmalisLos Angeles Kings2016162
Manuel WiedererColorado Avalanche2016118
Marc McNultySan Jose Sharks2013177
Marcel GocPhiladelphia Flyers
Marcel MuellerCalgary Flames
Marcel NoebelsPhiladelphia Flyers
Marcus HögbergWashington Capitals201371
Marcus KarlstromBoston Bruins2013199
Marcus PetterssonSt. Louis Blues201440
Marek TvrdonEdmonton Oilers
Marek ViedenskyTampa Bay Lightning
Marek ZagrapanWinnipeg Jets
Mario LuciaColorado Avalanche201162
Mark FriedmanArizona Coyotes2014104
Mark JankowskiPittsburgh Penguins201234
Mark OwuyaWashington Capitals
Mark ShoemakerOttawa Senators2016160
Markus LauridsenDallas Stars
Markus NiemelainenToronto Maple Leafs201655
Markus NurmiPittsburgh Penguins2016197
Markus RuusuMinnesota Wild2015171
Markus SorensenSan Jose Sharks2010138
Markus SöbergMinnesota Wild2013175
Martin GarteigTampa Bay Lightning2016176
Martin RewayLos Angeles Kings2013131
Martins DzierkalsToronto Maple Leafs201588
Mason AppletonWashington Capitals2015183
Mason McDonaldPhiladelphia Flyers201430
Matej PaulovicSt. Louis Blues2013162
Matej TomekMinnesota Wild2015101
Matheson IacopelliSan Jose Sharks201495
Mathew BarzalPhiladelphia Flyers201512
Mathias FromNew York Rangers2016164
Mathieu Corbeil-TheriaultCalgary Flames2010101
Mathieu JosephNew York Rangers2015111
Matt BucklesColumbus Blue Jackets2013112
Matt DelaheyBoston Bruins2008107
Matt FilipeColumbus Blue Jackets201666
Matt MahalakBoston Bruins2011172
Matt SchmalzArizona Coyotes2015148
Matt TomkinsNashville Predators2012187
Matt UstaskiColumbus Blue Jackets2014199
Matthew BenningBuffalo Sabres2012160
Matthew BerkovitzColumbus Blue Jackets2014139
Matthew BradleyMinnesota Wild2015144
Matthew CairnsColumbus Blue Jackets201683
Matthew KonanCalgary Flames
Matthew MisteleEdmonton Oilers2014192
Matthew PhillipsTampa Bay Lightning2016148
Matthew SpencerNew York Islanders201561
Matthew TkachukFlorida Panthers20164
Mattias LindstromCarolina Hurricanes200994
Mattias TedenbyDetroit Red Wings
Max JonesToronto Maple Leafs201620
Max TardyArizona Coyotes2009162
Max ZimmerWashington Capitals2016122
Maxim ChudinovCarolina Hurricanes2010199
Maxim GoncharovSan Jose Sharks
Maxim LetunovVancouver Canucks201474
Maxim MaminLos Angeles Kings2016198
Maxim ShalunovAnaheim Ducks
Maxime LajoieColorado Avalanche2016136
Maxime LegaultEdmonton Oilers
Maxime MacenauerDetroit Red Wings
Maximilian PajpachArizona Coyotes2014163
Maxwell WillmanBuffalo Sabres201496
Merrick MadsenNew York Islanders2013156
Michael AmadioSt. Louis Blues201491
Michael BrodzinskiNew York Rangers2013139
Michael Dal ColleSt. Louis Blues20148
Michael DowningMontreal Canadiens2013111
Michael EyssimontSan Jose Sharks2016177
Michael McKeeTampa Bay Lightning2012178
Michael McLeodPittsburgh Penguins201617
Michael ParksWashington Capitals2010161
Michael PezzettaEdmonton Oilers2016187
Michael PrapavessisCalgary Flames2014106
Michael SpacekOttawa Senators2015124
Michael St. CroixColorado Avalanche
Miguel FidlerLos Angeles Kings2014174
Mike CarmanMinnesota Wild
Mike IgguldenSan Jose Sharks
Mike LeeEdmonton Oilers
Mike MottauSan Jose Sharks
Mike RobinsonMinnesota Wild2015100
Mike SgarbossaPhiladelphia Flyers
Mike WintherCalgary Flames201253
Mike ZalewskiEdmonton Oilers
Mikhail BerdinWinnipeg Jets2016135
Mikhail MaltsevSt. Louis Blues2016132
Mikhail SergachevBuffalo Sabres201611
Mikhail VorobyovMinnesota Wild2015120
Milan KytnarBoston Bruins
Miles GendronTampa Bay Lightning201473
Miles LiberatiDallas Stars2013207
Miles WoodSan Jose Sharks2013114
Mirko HoefflinWashington Capitals2010153
Miro AaltonenLos Angeles Kings2013181
Miro KarjalainenDallas Stars2014151
Mitchel SlatteryFlorida Panthers2014191
Mitchell DempseySt. Louis Blues2013211
Mitchell MarnerToronto Maple Leafs20158
Mitchell MattsonPhiladelphia Flyers2016115
Mitchell StephensSt. Louis Blues201559
Mitchell TheoretDallas Stars2011187
Mitchell Vande SompelLos Angeles Kings201565
Mitchell WheatonMontreal Canadiens2013133
Morgan ClarkWinnipeg Jets2008199
Myles BellPhiladelphia Flyers201372
NIKLAS TIKKINENDallas Stars2012153
NIKOLAY PROKHORKINFlorida Panthers201278
Nathan BastianWinnipeg Jets201645
Nathan ClurmanNew York Islanders2016189
Nathan CondonSan Jose Sharks2008152
Nathan NoelNew Jersey Devils2016106
Nelson NogierNashville Predators2014115
Nicholas BokaDallas Stars2015187
Nicholas CaamanoTampa Bay Lightning2016144
Nicholas MagyarBuffalo Sabres201468
Nick CrawfordPittsburgh Penguins
Nick D'AgostinoWinnipeg Jets
Nick EnoWinnipeg Jets
Nick LarsonWashington Capitals
Nick LattaEdmonton Oilers
Nick MerkleyNashville Predators201528
Nick PalmieriWashington Capitals
Nick PetreckiWinnipeg Jets
Nick SchmaltzAnaheim Ducks201421
Nick SeelerColorado Avalanche2011149
Nick SørensenMinnesota Wild201355
Nicklas LasuWashington Capitals2008137
Niclas AlmariColumbus Blue Jackets2016186
Nicola RiopelSan Jose Sharks
Nicolas Aube-KubelLos Angeles Kings201463
Nicolas MelocheBuffalo Sabres201548
Nicolas RoyBoston Bruins201568
Nikita GusevAnaheim Ducks201298
Nikita KorostelevOttawa Senators2015113
Nikita PavlychevBuffalo Sabres2015168
Nikita ZaitsevCalgary Flames2016111
Niklas HanssonOttawa Senators201368
Niko MikkolaCarolina Hurricanes2015145
Nikolas KobersteinArizona Coyotes2014107
Noah CarrollOttawa Senators2016200
Noah GregorFlorida Panthers201694
Noah JuulsenDallas Stars201522
Noah RodEdmonton Oilers201482
Nolan De JongNew York Rangers2013201
Nolan StevensNew Jersey Devils2016149
Nolan VeseySan Jose Sharks2014160
Oleg SosunovNew York Rangers2016196
Oliver LauridsenPhiladelphia Flyers
Olivier ArchambaultMontreal Canadiens
Olivier LeBlancNew Jersey Devils2014208
Olli JokinenFlorida Panthers
Olli JuoleviEdmonton Oilers20167
Oscar DanskBoston Bruins
Oskar LindblomPhiladelphia Flyers201499
Oskar SteenLos Angeles Kings2016168
Otto KoivulaColorado Avalanche2016110
Otto SomppiFlorida Panthers2016184
Parker WotherspoonTampa Bay Lightning201599
Pascal LabergeVancouver Canucks201626
Pathrik WesterholmOttawa Senators2011179
Patrick CehlinCarolina Hurricanes
Patrick DwyerDallas Stars
Patrick HarperCalgary Flames2016171
Patrick HolwayEdmonton Oilers2015185
Patrick KudlaArizona Coyotes2016172
Patrick RussellPittsburgh Penguins2016107
Patrick SanvidoNashville Predators2014205
Patrick SieloffFlorida Panthers
Patrick WeyEdmonton Oilers
Patrik BartosakDetroit Red Wings
Patrik LaineWashington Capitals20162
Paul BittnerNashville Predators201540
Paul LadueNashville Predators2012190
Paul RangerCalgary Flames
Pavel BuchnevichNew York Rangers201378
Pavel KarnaukhovColorado Avalanche2015128
Pavel KraskovskyNew York Rangers2014172
Pavel ZachaEdmonton Oilers20155
Peter AnderssonWinnipeg Jets
Peter CehlarikNew York Rangers2013103
Peter CeresnakSan Jose Sharks2011155
Peter MuellerBoston Bruins
Peter QuennevilleArizona Coyotes2013193
Peter ThomeNew Jersey Devils2016179
Petr PlacekNew York Rangers2011170
Phil OreskovicChicago Blackhawks
Philip LaneEdmonton Oilers201060
Philip LarsenChicago Blackhawks
Philip NybergNew York Islanders2016159
Philippe DupuisBoston Bruins
Philippe HudonWinnipeg Jets201178
Philippe MyersLos Angeles Kings2016151
Pierre EngvallArizona Coyotes2014167
Pierre-Luc DuboisToronto Maple Leafs20165
Pontus SjalinPittsburgh Penguins2014171
Prab RaiColorado Avalanche2008149
Quentin ShoreAnaheim Ducks2013138
Radek DvorakDallas Stars
Radel FazleevPhiladelphia Flyers2014173
Radovan BondraCalgary Flames2015167
Randy CameronDetroit Red Wings
Rasmus AnderssonColumbus Blue Jackets201562
Rasmus AsplundDallas Stars201633
Rasmus BengtssonOttawa Senators201159
Reece WillcoxPhiladelphia Flyers2012175
Reid DukeWashington Capitals2014195
Rem PitlickNew Jersey Devils2016113
Rhett GardnerArizona Coyotes2016129
Rhett HollandNew Jersey Devils2012126
Ricard BlidstrandColumbus Blue Jackets2010208
Riku HeleniusBoston Bruins
Riley BoychukMontreal Canadiens
Riley StillmanTampa Bay Lightning2016125
Riley TufteWinnipeg Jets201627
Rob O'GaraCarolina Hurricanes2011164
Robbie BaillargeonNashville Predators2012148
Robert MayerFlorida Panthers
Robin KovacsToronto Maple Leafs201576
Robin NorellEdmonton Oilers2013127
Robyn RegehrDallas Stars
Rodrigo AbolsArizona Coyotes2016194
Roland McKeownBuffalo Sabres201436
Roman HorakSan Jose Sharks
Roope HintzLos Angeles Kings201554
Ross ColtonArizona Coyotes2016109
Rourke ChartierNew York Rangers2014144
Roy RadkeNew Jersey Devils2015173
Rudolfs BalcersDallas Stars2015149
Rushan RafikovVancouver Canucks2013195
Ryan CollinsWashington Capitals201455
Ryan DonatoColorado Avalanche201457
Ryan FitzgeraldChicago Blackhawks2013104
Ryan GroppNew York Rangers201542
Ryan HegartyOttawa Senators2008108
Ryan JonesColumbus Blue Jackets2016156
Ryan JonesDallas Stars
Ryan LindgrenColumbus Blue Jackets201658
Ryan MacInnisFlorida Panthers201438
Ryan MaloneFlorida Panthers
Ryan ManthaPittsburgh Penguins2014117
Ryan PilonBoston Bruins201574
Ryan RehillNashville Predators2014145
Ryan SegallaVancouver Canucks2013135
Ryan SheaSt. Louis Blues2015141
Ryan SmythCalgary Flames
Ryan TesinkWashington Capitals201174
Ryan WatsonFlorida Panthers
Ryan ZuhlsdorfNashville Predators2015176
SAMUEL KURKEREdmonton Oilers201262
SEAN MAGUIREColumbus Blue Jackets2012155
SIMON FERNHOLMMontreal Canadiens2012191
Saku MaenalanenOttawa Senators2013141
Sam AnasDallas Stars2016123
Sam JardineToronto Maple Leafs2011180
Sam LaffertyAnaheim Ducks2014121
Sam RuoppDetroit Red Wings2015147
Sam SteelColorado Avalanche201631
Sami AittokallioNashville Predators
Sami NikuLos Angeles Kings2015202
Samuel BlaisLos Angeles Kings2014203
Samuel Dove-McFallsWinnipeg Jets2015105
Samuel FejesBuffalo Sabres2012158
Samuel GirardTampa Bay Lightning201635
Samuel MontembaultPhiladelphia Flyers201545
Samuel NoreauTampa Bay Lightning201194
Scott GlennieChicago Blackhawks
Scott MunroePittsburgh Penguins
Scott ValentineChicago Blackhawks
Sean DayCarolina Hurricanes201649
Sean KuralyNew York Islanders2011125
Sean MaloneBuffalo Sabres2013150
Sebastian AhoDetroit Red Wings201549
Sebastian ErixonDetroit Red Wings
Sebastian WannstromWinnipeg Jets
Sergei AndronovFlorida Panthers200978
Sergei BoikovMinnesota Wild2015161
Sergei ZborovskiyNew York Rangers201593
Seth AmbrozBoston Bruins201171
Shane EisermanBoston Bruins2014108
Shane GersichLos Angeles Kings2014157
Shane McColganEdmonton Oilers2011130
Simon BourqueToronto Maple Leafs2015203
Simon HjalmarssonSt. Louis Blues
Simon KarlssonChicago Blackhawks2011144
Simon MoserPittsburgh Penguins
Simon StranskyFlorida Panthers2016193
Slava VoynovPittsburgh Penguins
Sondre OldenColumbus Blue Jackets2010117
Spencer AbbottTampa Bay Lightning
Spencer SmallmanDallas Stars2015135
Spencer WatsonNashville Predators2014137
Stefan Della RovereFlorida Panthers
Steffen SobergColorado Avalanche2011131
Stepan FalkovskyOttawa Senators2016166
Stephane Da CostaChicago Blackhawks
Stephen DesrocherArizona Coyotes2015178
Stephen MaCaulayArizona Coyotes2010166
Stephen MichalekColorado Avalanche2011171
Stephen WeissSan Jose Sharks
Steve PinizzottoChicago Blackhawks
Steve QuailerSan Jose Sharks
Steve SantiniBuffalo Sabres201344
Steven FogartyNew York Rangers201183
Steven HodgesWashington Capitals
Steven JohnsonOttawa Senators2014135
Steven LorentzLos Angeles Kings2015190
Steven RuggieroNashville Predators2015206
Steven SpinnerColumbus Blue Jackets2014169
THEODOR BLUEGEREdmonton Oilers201260
THOMAS DI PAULIColumbus Blue Jackets2012125
TIMOTHY BOYLEColorado Avalanche2012136
TJ GaliardiSan Jose Sharks
TOMAS HYKAOttawa Senators201290
Tage ThompsonMinnesota Wild201629
Tanner KaspickChicago Blackhawks2016145
Tanner LaczynskiNew York Rangers2016173
Tarmo ReunanenNew York Rangers201695
Taylor CammarataBoston Bruins201380
Taylor RaddyshVancouver Canucks201656
Taylor StefishenBoston Bruins2008125
Teemu EronenLos Angeles Kings2011198
Teemu KivihalmeColumbus Blue Jackets2013120
Terrance AmorosaFlorida Panthers2013147
Thatcher DemkoTampa Bay Lightning201429
Theo PeckhamWashington Capitals
Thomas ChabotSt. Louis Blues201524
Thomas HeemskerkMontreal Canadiens
Thomas LarkinWashington Capitals
Thomas SchemitschSt. Louis Blues201584
Tim HarrisonSan Jose Sharks2013171
Tim HeedAnaheim Ducks2010133
Tim SestitoPittsburgh Penguins
Timo MeierTampa Bay Lightning20159
Timothy GettingerDallas Stars201684
Todd BurgessColumbus Blue Jackets201696
Tom NilssonToronto Maple Leafs
Tom VanelliNashville Predators201353
Tom WandellCalgary Flames
Tomas VincourCarolina Hurricanes
Tommy NovakNew York Islanders201575
Tommy VeilleuxNew York Rangers2013179
Toni LydmanBoston Bruins
Toni RajalaWashington Capitals
Tony CameranesiBuffalo Sabres2011147
Tony DehartDetroit Red Wings2010120
Travis BarronDallas Stars2016183
Travis BrownPittsburgh Penguins2012134
Travis DermottWashington Capitals201550
Travis KonecnyNew York Islanders201517
Travis SanheimOttawa Senators201415
Trent FredericEdmonton Oilers201637
Trevor MooreLos Angeles Kings2015207
Troy JosephsNew Jersey Devils2013210
Troy StecherDallas Stars201647
Troy TerryCarolina Hurricanes2015175
Troy VanceDallas Stars201172
Tucker PoolmanColorado Avalanche2013143
Ty RonningNew York Rangers2016185
Ty WishartCarolina Hurricanes
Tyler BensonChicago Blackhawks201625
Tyler BeskorowanyCalgary Flames
Tyler BiggsTampa Bay Lightning
Tyler BirdFlorida Panthers2014158
Tyler BunzDetroit Red Wings
Tyler MotteOttawa Senators2013136
Tyler MoyLos Angeles Kings2015200
Tyler NanneDetroit Red Wings2014170
Tyler ParsonsNashville Predators201657
Tyler SoyWinnipeg Jets2016182
Tyler VeselSt. Louis Blues2014155
Tyler WallEdmonton Oilers2016209
Tyson JostColumbus Blue Jackets20169
Vaclav KarabacekArizona Coyotes201453
Valeri VasilievNashville Predators2012159
Vasily GlotovBuffalo Sabres2016191
Veeti VainioAnaheim Ducks2015143
Victor MeteMontreal Canadiens201677
Victor OlofssonBuffalo Sabres2014125
Viktor Crus-RydbergCalgary Flames2013102
Viktor FasthWashington Capitals
Vili SaarijarviToronto Maple Leafs201589
Ville HussoFlorida Panthers201471
Vince DunnEdmonton Oilers201560
Vincent DesharnaisChicago Blackhawks2016205
Vincent DunnBuffalo Sabres2013108
Vitaly AbramovNew York Rangers201653
Vitek VanecekColumbus Blue Jackets201454
Vladimir BobylevPittsburgh Penguins2016120
Vladimir SobotkaPhiladelphia Flyers
Vladislav GavrikovDallas Stars2015157
Vojtech BudikDetroit Red Wings201680
Wade AllisonTampa Bay Lightning201652
Wade MurphySan Jose Sharks2013191
Warren FoegeleAnaheim Ducks2014105
Wesley MyronVancouver Canucks2012198
Wiley ShermanFlorida Panthers2013163
Wilhelm WestlundFlorida Panthers2013189
Will ButcherMontreal Canadiens2013140
Will WeberColumbus Blue Jackets
William BittenMontreal Canadiens201670
William BorgenPittsburgh Penguins2015104
William LagessonLos Angeles Kings2014102
William LockwoodTampa Bay Lightning201665
Willie CoetzeeCalgary Flames
Wouter PeetersPhiladelphia Flyers2016100
Yakov TreninPhiladelphia Flyers201546
Yan-Pavel LaplanteTampa Bay Lightning201377
Yann SauveWinnipeg Jets
Yaroslav KosovLos Angeles Kings2011137
Yegor KorshkovMontreal Canadiens201650
ZACHARY STEPANToronto Maple Leafs2012116
Zac LesliePittsburgh Penguins2013182
Zach BudishTampa Bay Lightning
Zach SanfordSt. Louis Blues201364
Zach SenyshynToronto Maple Leafs201519
Zach WerenskiColumbus Blue Jackets201510
Zach YuenColorado Avalanche2011133
Zachary NagelvoortChicago Blackhawks2014123
Zachary PochiroVancouver Canucks2013128
Ziyat PayginLos Angeles Kings2015196