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Anaheim Ducks

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexandre GrenierQUERW249/4/1991200 Lbs6 ft514No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brett BellemoreONTD276/24/1988210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brett PonichABD242/21/1991225 Lbs6 ft72No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Brian FlynnUSAC/LW/RW277/25/1988180 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Bryan BickellONTLW293/9/1986233 Lbs6 ft48No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Buddy RobinsonUSARW249/30/1991236 Lbs6 ft516No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Cam AtkinsonUSARW266/5/1989174 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000
Carl GunnarssonSWED2811/9/1986196 Lbs6 ft251No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,350,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Carl KlingbergSWELW/RW241/28/1991205 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Charles HudonQUELW216/23/1994177 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Chase BalisyUSAC232/2/1992170 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Chris WagnerUSAC/RW245/27/1991202 Lbs6 ft09No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cody McLeodMANLW/RW316/26/1984210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Daniel PailleONTLW/RW314/15/1984200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Daniil TarasovRUSRW246/20/1991185 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Danny SyvretONTD306/13/1985205 Lbs5 ft1112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Darren DietzABD227/17/1993193 Lbs6 ft131No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Dennis EverbergSWEC/LW/RW2312/31/1991209 Lbs6 ft445No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000$825,000
Eric BrewerBCD364/17/1979216 Lbs6 ft498No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Garrett WilsonONTLW243/16/1991199 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jared CoreauONTG2311/5/1991200 Lbs6 ft560No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jason GarrisonBCD3011/13/1984218 Lbs6 ft25No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000
Jeremy WelshONTC/LW274/30/1988200 Lbs6 ft32No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
John McFarlandONTRW234/2/1992211 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Johnny GaudreauUSALW228/13/1993150 Lbs5 ft943No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Jonathan DiabyQUED2011/16/1994223 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Joni OrtioFING244/16/1991181 Lbs6 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Justin FontaineABRW2711/6/1987161 Lbs5 ft109No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Kale KessySKWRW2212/4/1992192 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kari LehtonenFING3111/16/1983217 Lbs6 ft43No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Keith YandleUSAD299/9/1986190 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Korbinian HolzerGERD272/16/1988205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$780,000$780,000
Marco ScandellaQUED252/23/1990210 Lbs6 ft319No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,750,000$4,000,000$4,500,000$4,750,000
Matt StajanONTC3112/18/1983192 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,125,000$3,125,000
Maxim NoreauQUED285/23/1987198 Lbs6 ft073No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Maxime ClermontQUEG2312/30/1991195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Mikael GranlundFINC/RW232/25/1992180 Lbs5 ft1043No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Mike GreenABD2910/11/1985207 Lbs6 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Mike SisloUSARW271/19/1988195 Lbs5 ft1110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nikita KucherovRUSLW/RW226/16/1993171 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Peter HollandONTC241/13/1991194 Lbs6 ft275No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Sam BrittainABG235/10/1992216 Lbs6 ft1182No1 year Pro & FarmNo$780,000
Semyon VarlamovRUSG274/26/1988209 Lbs6 ft23No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Shane O'BrienONTD328/8/1983230 Lbs6 ft312No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Steve OleksyUSAD292/3/1986190 Lbs6 ft013No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Tim GleasonUSAD321/28/1983217 Lbs6 ft023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Tyler GraovacONTC224/26/1993179 Lbs6 ft314No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Victor RaskSWEC222/28/1993194 Lbs6 ft28No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Zach TrotmanUSAD258/25/1990219 Lbs6 ft398No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4925.9199 Lbs6 ft 21.90 years$1,433,934 4900

Arizona Coyotes

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alec MartinezUSAD287/25/1987209 Lbs6 ft120No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Andrey PedanRUSD227/2/1993207 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Antoine VermetteQUEC337/19/1982198 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Ben LovejoyUSAD312/19/1984205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Brandon ManningBCD256/3/1990195 Lbs6 ft16No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brendan ShinniminMANC241/6/1991185 Lbs5 ft1044No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Brian FerlinUSARW232/6/1992201 Lbs6 ft226No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Brian GibbonsUSAC/LW/RW272/25/1988170 Lbs5 ft839No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Clarke MacArthurABLW304/6/1985195 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Colton SceviourABRW264/20/1989200 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Conor AllenUSAD251/31/1990210 Lbs6 ft116No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$755,000$755,000
Corbin McPhersonUSAD279/7/1988210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Cory KaneUSAC/LW259/15/1990201 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Dale WeiseMANRW278/5/1988210 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Daniel CarrABLW2311/1/1991194 Lbs6 ft012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$892,500$892,500
Danny HobbsONTC/RW266/21/1989192 Lbs5 ft1115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
David DesharnaisQUEC299/14/1986177 Lbs5 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Drayson BowmanUSALW263/8/1989195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Drew StaffordUSALW/RW2910/30/1985214 Lbs6 ft212No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Greg PaterynUSAD256/20/1990214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jaroslav HalakSVKG305/13/1985182 Lbs5 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$3,750,000
Jeff PetryUSAD2712/9/1987200 Lbs6 ft30No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,900,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Jesse BlackerONTD244/19/1991190 Lbs6 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jim O'BrienUSAC/RW261/29/1989202 Lbs6 ft238No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Jordan StaalONTC279/10/1988220 Lbs6 ft43No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Justin BraunUSAD282/10/1987200 Lbs6 ft313No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000
Karl StolleryABD2711/21/1987185 Lbs5 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kevin PorterUSAC/LW/RW293/12/1986190 Lbs6 ft028No1 year Pro & FarmNo$875,000
Kyle BrodziakABC315/25/1984210 Lbs6 ft248No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Kyle ChipchuraABC/LW/RW292/19/1986203 Lbs6 ft235No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Kyle PalmieriUSALW/RW242/1/1991197 Lbs5 ft1132No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Mark ZengerleUSAC265/12/1989181 Lbs5 ft1171No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Mat BodieMAND256/3/1990165 Lbs6 ft031No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Matt MoulsonONTLW/RW3110/31/1983200 Lbs6 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Mike CammalleriONTC/LW336/7/1982190 Lbs5 ft918No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Mike CondonUSAG254/26/1990195 Lbs6 ft276No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Nathan BeaulieuONTD2212/5/1992194 Lbs6 ft265No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Nick EbertUSAD215/10/1994200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Nick SchultzSKWD338/24/1982203 Lbs6 ft11No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Patrick BrownUSAC/RW235/28/1992207 Lbs6 ft171No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Pheonix CopleyUSAG231/17/1992190 Lbs6 ft344No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000$975,000
Philippe ParadisQUELW241/1/1991205 Lbs6 ft229No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Stefan FournierQUERW234/29/1992205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tommy WingelsUSALW/RW274/11/1988200 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,600,000$2,600,000
Torey KrugUSAD244/11/1991181 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$760,000
Troy GrosenickUSAG268/26/1989190 Lbs6 ft136No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Wayne SimmondsONTLW/RW278/25/1988183 Lbs6 ft211No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,700,000$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4726.5197 Lbs6 ft 12.30 years$1,786,862 4700

Boston Bruins

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex PetrovicABD233/2/1992206 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Alex TanguayQUELW/RW3511/20/1979194 Lbs6 ft127No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000
Beau SchmitzUSAD243/25/1991195 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Bobby FarnhamUSALW/RW261/20/1989187 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brad MarchandNSLW275/10/1988183 Lbs5 ft90No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Cody EakinMANC/LW245/24/1991190 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Colin GreeningNFLLW/RW293/9/1986210 Lbs6 ft312No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Colin MillerONTD2210/29/1992178 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Connor CrispONTLW214/8/1994225 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Curtis LazarBCC/RW202/2/1995190 Lbs6 ft0128No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Curtis McKenzieBCLW242/22/1991192 Lbs6 ft253No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Dennis SeidenbergGERD347/18/1981210 Lbs6 ft140No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,050,000$4,050,000$4,050,000$4,050,000
Derek DorsettSKWLW/RW2812/20/1986192 Lbs6 ft05No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Devan DubnykSKWG295/4/1986210 Lbs6 ft63No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Dylan OlsenUSAD241/3/1991214 Lbs6 ft25No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Greg McKeggONTC236/17/1992191 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Henrik SamuelssonUSAC/RW212/7/1994216 Lbs6 ft327No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Jack JohnsonUSAD281/13/1987231 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Jacob MarkstromSWEG251/31/1990196 Lbs6 ft623No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,450,000$1,450,000
Jake GardinerUSAD257/4/1990184 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jarome IginlaABRW387/1/1977210 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Jason SpezzaONTC326/13/1983215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
Jeremie BlainQUED233/19/1992195 Lbs6 ft334No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joe CannataUSAG251/2/1990200 Lbs6 ft185No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
John KlingbergSWED238/14/1992158 Lbs6 ft017No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,750,000$3,250,000$3,750,000$4,250,000
John MooreUSAD2411/19/1990202 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jordie BennBCD287/26/1987200 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Joseph CramarossaONTC2210/26/1992190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jussi RynnasFING285/22/1987212 Lbs6 ft540No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Kael MouillieratABC289/9/1987185 Lbs6 ft025No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Magnus NygrenSWED256/7/1990192 Lbs6 ft134No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Martin HanzalCZEC282/19/1987230 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Matej StranskyCZERW227/10/1993193 Lbs6 ft325No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Matt FraserABLW/RW255/19/1990204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Michael ChaputQUEC/LW234/8/1992197 Lbs6 ft23No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nazem KadriONTC2510/5/1990188 Lbs6 ft06No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Oscar DanskSWEG212/27/1994186 Lbs6 ft35No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$792,500$792,500$792,500
Patrick EavesABLW/RW314/30/1984187 Lbs6 ft08No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Radim VrbataCZERW346/12/1981194 Lbs6 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Rene BourqueABLW/RW3312/9/1981217 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000
Rickard RakellSWEC/LW/RW225/4/1993192 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Riley SheahanONTC2312/6/1991212 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Ryan CallahanUSARW303/20/1985190 Lbs5 ft114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Ryan OlsenBCC213/24/1994187 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Stuart PercyONTD225/17/1993187 Lbs6 ft138No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Taylor LeierSKWLW212/14/1994174 Lbs5 ft1047No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,050$825,050$825,050
Tommy CrossUSAD269/11/1989206 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Trevor DaleyONTD3110/8/1983198 Lbs5 ft1114No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$7,500,000$6,500,000$6,000,000$5,500,000
William NylanderABC/LW/RW194/30/1996169 Lbs5 ft1150No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4925.8197 Lbs6 ft 12.31 years$1,831,991 4900

Buffalo Sabres

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Anthony DuclairQUELW/RW208/25/1995177 Lbs5 ft1137No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$772,500$772,500$772,500
Anthony PelusoONTRW264/17/1989235 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ben SmithUSALW/RW277/10/1988207 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brady AustinONTD226/15/1993234 Lbs6 ft414No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Brandon GormleyPEID232/17/1992196 Lbs6 ft211No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brenden MorrowSKWLW/RW361/15/1979205 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Brett RitchieONTRW226/30/1993209 Lbs6 ft36No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brodie ReidBCRW268/24/1989190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cal O'ReillyONTC299/30/1986188 Lbs6 ft012No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Carter RowneyABC265/10/1989205 Lbs6 ft27No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Carter SandlakBCLW225/18/1993190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Chris CraneUSARW2312/2/1991195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Dalton SmithONTLW236/30/1992206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Dan CatenacciONTC/LW223/9/1993180 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Derek RoyONTC/LW/RW325/4/1983184 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Dustin ByfuglienUSALW/RW/D303/27/1985265 Lbs6 ft55No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,400,000$5,400,000$5,400,000
Dwight KingSKWLW/RW267/5/1989232 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,950,000$1,950,000
Eric FehrMANC/LW/RW309/7/1985212 Lbs6 ft414No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Evgeni NabokovRUSG407/25/1975202 Lbs6 ft07No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Henrik TommernesSWED258/28/1990176 Lbs6 ft144No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$680,000$680,000
Jake McCabeUSAD2110/12/1993195 Lbs6 ft099No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jeff ZatkoffUSAG286/9/1987179 Lbs6 ft23No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Joe FinleyUSAD286/29/1987245 Lbs6 ft812No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Jonas GustavssonSWEG3010/24/1984192 Lbs6 ft372No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Jonathan QuickUSAG291/21/1986214 Lbs6 ft15No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,900,000$5,900,000$5,900,000
Justin HacheNBD211/10/1994188 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Justin KeaONTC212/7/1994212 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Kevin SundherBCC231/18/1992192 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kimmo TimonenFIND403/18/1975194 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Mark PysykABD231/10/1992193 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Matt CookeONTLW/RW379/6/1978208 Lbs5 ft112No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Michael PelechONTRW289/3/1987235 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike RichardsONTC/LW302/10/1985196 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Mikhail GrigorenkoRUSC/LW215/15/1994209 Lbs6 ft366No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nathan LieuwenBCG248/7/1991186 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Patric HornqvistSWERW281/1/1987189 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,600,000$4,600,000$4,600,000$4,600,000
Raphael DiazSWID291/8/1986197 Lbs5 ft1125No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,600,000$2,600,000
Ryan ParentSKWD283/16/1987198 Lbs6 ft3104No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Seth JonesUSAD2110/2/1994205 Lbs6 ft418No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Shawn SzydlowskiUSARW258/4/1990207 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Stefan MatteauUSALW212/22/1994215 Lbs6 ft1100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Teddy PurcellNFLLW/RW309/7/1985203 Lbs6 ft326No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Thomas GreissGERG291/28/1986220 Lbs6 ft17No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tim SchallerUSAC/LW2411/15/1990187 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000$700,000
Toby EnstromSWED3011/4/1984180 Lbs5 ft1011No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Trevor LewisUSAC/LW/RW281/7/1987198 Lbs6 ft12No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000
Tyler SeguinONTC/RW231/30/1992195 Lbs6 ft130No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Zach BogosianUSAD257/14/1990215 Lbs6 ft316No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,800,000$4,800,000$4,800,000$4,800,000
Zemgus GirgensonsLATC/LW/RW211/4/1994194 Lbs6 ft211No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4926.4203 Lbs6 ft 12.37 years$1,600,561 4900

Calgary Flames

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Al MontoyaUSAG302/12/1985203 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Andrew FerenceABD363/16/1979189 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Brad MillsBCC/RW325/2/1983195 Lbs6 ft045No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brock NelsonUSAC/LW2310/14/1991196 Lbs6 ft33No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Bruno GervaisQUED3110/3/1984200 Lbs6 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Chad RuhwedelUSAD255/7/1990181 Lbs5 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Chandler StephensonSKWC214/22/1994190 Lbs5 ft117No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,833$725,833$725,833
Cody BeachBCRW238/8/1992190 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Colin CampbellONTLW244/17/1991200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Colin StuartUSALW337/8/1982205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Colton GilliesBCLW262/12/1989208 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,000
Daniel CarcilloONTLW/RW301/28/1985200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Dennis WidemanONTD323/20/1983200 Lbs6 ft011No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000
Derek MathersONTRW228/4/1993226 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Eric O'DellONTC256/21/1990185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$680,000$680,000
Jamie OleksiakONTD2212/21/1992242 Lbs6 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jay BouwmeesterABD329/27/1983212 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,400,000$5,400,000$5,400,000
Joel ArmiaFINRW225/31/1993187 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Julius HonkaFIND1912/3/1995180 Lbs5 ft1122No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Jussi JokinenFINC/LW/RW324/1/1983198 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Justin MercierUSAC/LW286/25/1987190 Lbs5 ft115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kevin PoulinQUEG254/12/1990211 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Kyle TurrisBCC268/14/1989193 Lbs6 ft15No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Louis LeblancQUEC/RW241/26/1991178 Lbs6 ft02No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Luke AdamNFLC/LW256/18/1990206 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Mark StuartUSAD314/26/1984213 Lbs6 ft212No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,150,000
Martin OuelletteQUEG2312/29/1991160 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Matt TennysonUSAD254/22/1990205 Lbs6 ft215No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,450,000$1,450,000
Max McCormickUSALW234/30/1992174 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Nick LeddyUSAD243/19/1991191 Lbs6 ft02No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Nino NiederreiterSWILW/RW239/7/1992209 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,600,000$2,600,000$2,600,000
Pascal DupuisQUELW/RW364/6/1979205 Lbs6 ft115No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Patrick McNeillONTD283/16/1987195 Lbs6 ft021No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,000
Rasmus RistolainenFIND2010/26/1994219 Lbs6 ft433No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Reid McNeillONTD234/28/1992204 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Roberto LuongoQUEG364/3/1979217 Lbs6 ft36No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Robin LehnerSWEG247/23/1991223 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Ryan GetzlafSKWC305/9/1985221 Lbs6 ft438No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000$8,500,000
Ryan O'ReillyONTC/LW/RW242/6/1991200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000
Ryan SpoonerONTC/LW231/29/1992181 Lbs5 ft1133No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Ryan StromeONTC/RW2111/6/1993188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Sean CouturierUSAC2212/6/1992197 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,300,000$4,300,000$4,300,000$4,300,000
T.J. OshieUSALW/RW2812/22/1986189 Lbs5 ft1117No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,175,000$4,175,000
Trevor CarrickONTD217/3/1994171 Lbs6 ft213No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$733,333$733,333$733,333
Tyler MyersUSAD251/31/1990227 Lbs6 ft82No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
William CarrierQUELW2012/19/1994198 Lbs6 ft214No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Willie CoetzeeSARW2411/6/1990188 Lbs5 ft1053No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4726.0199 Lbs6 ft 22.04 years$1,938,599 4700

Carolina Hurricanes

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ComrieONTD257/30/1990205 Lbs6 ft435No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Alex OvechkinRUSLW/RW309/16/1985230 Lbs6 ft319No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Andre BurakovskyAUSC/LW/RW202/8/1995178 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Andrew BodnarchukABD277/10/1988189 Lbs5 ft1039No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew CampbellONTD272/3/1988210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Andrew YoganUSAC/LW2312/3/1991201 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Carey PriceBCG288/16/1987212 Lbs6 ft33No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Carter BancksABLW268/9/1989181 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Corey PerryONTRW305/16/1985212 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,550,000$4,550,000$4,550,000$4,550,000
Dion PhaneufABD304/10/1985214 Lbs6 ft310No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Drew LeBlancCZEC/RW266/29/1989195 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Evgeni MalkinRUSC297/31/1986195 Lbs6 ft348No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Ian WhiteMAND316/4/1984200 Lbs5 ft1010No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jake CheliosUSAD243/8/1991185 Lbs6 ft236No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Jeremy SmithUSAG264/13/1989173 Lbs6 ft023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
John MitchellONTC/LW/RW301/22/1985204 Lbs6 ft11No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Kellen JonesBCC/LW/RW258/16/1990164 Lbs5 ft915No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Klas DahlbeckSWED247/6/1991194 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kyle OkposoUSARW274/16/1988212 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Lukas SutterUSAC2210/4/1993209 Lbs6 ft012No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Luke GazdicONTLW267/25/1989228 Lbs6 ft318No1 year Pro & FarmNo$710,000
Mackenzie SkapskiBCG216/15/1994186 Lbs6 ft317No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Magnus HellbergSWEG244/4/1991190 Lbs6 ft538No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Marc-Edouard VlasicQUED283/30/1987205 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Marcus JohanssonSWEC/LW2510/6/1990205 Lbs6 ft19No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,400,000$2,400,000$2,400,000
Mark ArcobelloUSAC/RW278/12/1988165 Lbs5 ft814No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Mark LetestuABC/RW302/3/1985199 Lbs5 ft105No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Mats ZuccarelloNORLW/RW288/31/1987179 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Matt LashoffUSAD299/28/1986204 Lbs6 ft231No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Matt NiskanenUSAD2812/5/1986209 Lbs6 ft036No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Max PaciorettyUSALW2611/19/1988217 Lbs6 ft27No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000
Nail YakupovRUSLW/RW2210/5/1993186 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Patrick MarleauSKWC/LW/RW369/14/1979220 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,150,000$4,500,000$4,000,000
Paul BissonnetteONTLW/RW303/10/1985216 Lbs6 ft285No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Phil Di GiuseppeONTLW2110/8/1993197 Lbs6 ft052No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$817,500$817,500
Rick NashONTLW/RW316/15/1984213 Lbs6 ft412No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Roman JosiSWID255/31/1990192 Lbs6 ft125No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,350,000$2,350,000
Ryan MurphyONTD223/30/1993185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Scott SabourinONTRW237/29/1992203 Lbs6 ft312No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Scott TimminsONTC269/10/1989191 Lbs5 ft1152No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Stephen JohnsUSAD234/17/1992215 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Taylor DohertyONTD243/1/1991235 Lbs6 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Teuvo TeravainenFINC/RW219/10/1994169 Lbs5 ft1132No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
TJ BrodieONTD256/6/1990182 Lbs6 ft126No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tomas VincourCZELW/RW2411/18/1990204 Lbs6 ft28No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Travis EwanykBCLW223/28/1993176 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4626.0199 Lbs6 ft 12.26 years$1,928,188 4600

Chicago Blackhawks

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
A.J. JenksUSALW256/26/1990206 Lbs6 ft218No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Aaron DellABG265/4/1989209 Lbs6 ft03No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Allan McPhersonONTC244/8/1991176 Lbs5 ft101No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew O'BrienONTD2211/20/1992206 Lbs6 ft315No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Andrew RoweUSALW/RW271/22/1988181 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Austin FytenABLW245/3/1991185 Lbs6 ft06No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ben EagerONTLW311/21/1984226 Lbs6 ft22No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Ben SextonONTC245/6/1991182 Lbs5 ft1128No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Ben WalkerUSAC/RW226/21/1993192 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Ben YoudsUSAD274/20/1988176 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Carson McMillanMANC/RW279/10/1988200 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Charlie DoderoUSAD2310/1/1992190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Chris McKelvieUSAC/LW/RW302/22/1985190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cody FransonBCD288/8/1987213 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Collin BowmanUSAD246/13/1991201 Lbs6 ft241No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
David BackesUSAC/RW315/1/1984221 Lbs6 ft315No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Davis DrewiskeUSAD3011/22/1984219 Lbs6 ft211No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Derek StepanUSAC256/18/1990196 Lbs6 ft014No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,200,000$3,200,000$3,200,000
Derick BrassardQUEC/LW289/22/1987202 Lbs6 ft113No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Frazer McLarenMANLW2710/29/1987230 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Henrik LundqvistSWEG333/2/1982188 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,650,000
Jeff CarterONTC/RW301/1/1985210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Jeff MalcolmABG264/13/1989185 Lbs6 ft217No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jesse JoensuuFINLW/RW2810/5/1987210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Jiri HudlerCZELW/RW311/4/1984186 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Joacim ErikssonSWEG254/9/1990189 Lbs6 ft1110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Jordan WealBCC234/15/1992173 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Julian MelchioriONTD2312/6/1991190 Lbs6 ft120No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Justin FaulkUSAD233/20/1992205 Lbs6 ft09No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,833,333$4,833,333$4,833,333$4,833,333$4,833,333
Justin SchultzBCD257/6/1990163 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Karl AlznerBCD279/24/1988213 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Ken AgostinoUSALW234/30/1992200 Lbs6 ft186No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Kevin ShattenkirkUSAD261/29/1989208 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Logan ShawNSRW2310/5/1992202 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Mark BarberioQUED253/22/1990185 Lbs6 ft135No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Melker KarlssonSWEC/LW/RW257/17/1990181 Lbs6 ft020No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Mike RibeiroQUEC352/9/1980177 Lbs6 ft018No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Philip McRaeUSAC253/14/1990200 Lbs6 ft281No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
R.J. UmbergerUSALW/RW332/5/1982214 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,593,750$3,937,500
Radko GudasCZED256/4/1990204 Lbs6 ft026No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$991,667$991,667$991,667
Reilly SmithONTLW/RW243/31/1991185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,425,000$3,425,000
Ryan Nugent-HopkinsBCC224/11/1993185 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Ryan SuterUSAD301/20/1985200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,600,000$6,600,000
Scott GlennieONTRW242/21/1991204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$815,000
Scott ValentineONTD245/1/1991201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Steve PinizzottoONTRW314/25/1984200 Lbs6 ft140No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Will ActonONTC/LW/RW287/15/1987199 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Zack SmithSKWC/LW274/4/1988210 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,887,500$1,887,500$1,887,500$1,887,500

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4826.4197 Lbs6 ft 11.81 years$1,869,251 4800

Colorado Avalanche

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexandre BolducQUEC/LW306/25/1985200 Lbs6 ft347No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Bobby ButlerUSARW284/25/1987189 Lbs6 ft08No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Brad MaloneNBC/LW265/19/1989207 Lbs6 ft211No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Brad RichardsonONTC/LW/RW302/3/1985197 Lbs6 ft00No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Brandon KozunUSARW253/7/1990167 Lbs5 ft881No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Brian O'NeillUSARW275/31/1988170 Lbs5 ft932No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Carl HagelinSWELW278/23/1988186 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,250,000
Carter CamperUSAC277/6/1988176 Lbs5 ft90No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Chris BrownUSAC/LW/RW242/3/1991191 Lbs6 ft26No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Chris KunitzSKWLW369/26/1979195 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,725,000$3,250,000
Corbin BaldwinMAND242/5/1991205 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Curtis GlencrossSKWLW3212/28/1982197 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,300,000$2,300,000$2,300,000
Dan BoyleONTD397/12/1976190 Lbs5 ft1136No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,750,000$1,750,000
Darren HelmMANC/LW/RW281/21/1987192 Lbs5 ft1144No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,700,000
Eric BoultonNSLW398/17/1976224 Lbs6 ft012No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Erik JohnsonUSAD273/21/1988232 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Garrett NoonanUSAD241/28/1991205 Lbs6 ft031No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Graham BlackSKWC221/13/1993173 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jake DotchinONTD213/24/1994207 Lbs6 ft258No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jean-Gabriel PageauONTC/RW2211/11/1992163 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmYes$700,000
Joe ThorntonONTC367/2/1979220 Lbs6 ft416No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
Kris VersteegABLW/RW295/13/1986183 Lbs5 ft1141No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000
Marian HossaSVKRW361/12/1979210 Lbs6 ft115No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Matt CarknerONTD3411/3/1980237 Lbs6 ft412No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Matt EllisONTC/LW/RW348/30/1981208 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Michael LeightonONTG345/18/1981186 Lbs6 ft3198No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Michael SchumacherSWELW228/24/1993203 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Nathan PaetschSKWD323/29/1983195 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Nicklas BackstromSWEC2711/22/1987208 Lbs6 ft10No6 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,900,000$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
Ondrej PavelecCZEG288/30/1987220 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
P.K. SubbanONTD265/12/1989217 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,750,000$5,750,000
Ray EmeryONTG339/27/1982196 Lbs6 ft29No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000
Rob ScuderiUSAD3612/29/1978212 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000
Rob ZeppONTG349/6/1981181 Lbs6 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Ron HainseyUSAD343/23/1981210 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,300,000$4,300,000
Ryan EllisONTD241/2/1991175 Lbs5 ft107No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,000,000$2,500,000$3,000,000$3,500,000
Ryane CloweNFLLW/RW339/29/1982225 Lbs6 ft324No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Scooter VaughanUSARW/D264/8/1989194 Lbs6 ft05No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Scott HarringtonONTD223/9/1993210 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$675,000$675,000
Shawn HorcoffBCC/LW379/16/1978210 Lbs6 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Sidney CrosbyNSC288/6/1987200 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
T.J. HensickUSAC2912/9/1985190 Lbs5 ft1022No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Terry BroadhurstUSALW2611/29/1988162 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Tom GilbertUSAD321/9/1983206 Lbs6 ft20No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Tom NilssonSWED228/18/1993176 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Yannick VeilleuxQUELW222/21/1993195 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$710,000$710,000
Zach O'BrienNFLC/RW236/29/1992187 Lbs5 ft103No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000$975,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4728.9197 Lbs6 ft 12.45 years$1,928,404 4700

Columbus Blue Jackets

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron JohnsonNSD324/29/1983204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Adam PelechONTD218/15/1994194 Lbs6 ft224No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$854,333$854,333$854,333
Allen YorkABG296/16/1986188 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Anders LindbackSWEG275/2/1988210 Lbs6 ft6100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Andrej MeszarosSVKD2910/12/1985223 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000
Antti NiemiFING328/28/1983210 Lbs6 ft23No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Bill ArnoldUSAC235/12/1992218 Lbs6 ft041No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Bobby RyanUSALW/RW283/16/1987207 Lbs6 ft217No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Brent SeabrookBCD304/19/1985221 Lbs6 ft314No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Calvin de HaanONTD245/9/1991187 Lbs6 ft125No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,400,000$1,600,000$1,800,000
Carter AshtonMANLW244/1/1991215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Chris BourqueUSALW291/29/1986174 Lbs5 ft810No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Connor BrownONTRW211/14/1994160 Lbs5 ft1114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$686,667$686,667$686,667
Craig CunninghamBCC/RW259/13/1990184 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Dainius ZubrusLITC/LW/RW376/16/1978225 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
David KrejciCZEC294/28/1986188 Lbs6 ft028No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
David LeggioUSAG317/31/1984187 Lbs6 ft026No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
David ShieldsUSAD241/27/1991204 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Dennis RobertsonBCD245/24/1991195 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Derrick PouliotSKWD211/16/1994195 Lbs5 ft116No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Devin SetoguchiABRW281/1/1987205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Dmitry KulikovRUSD2410/29/1990205 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,333,333$4,333,333
Dominik UherCZEC/LW2212/31/1992199 Lbs6 ft116No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Emile PoirierQUELW/RW2012/14/1994183 Lbs6 ft186No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Eric TangradiUSALW262/10/1989221 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Jack SkilleUSALW/RW285/19/1987219 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,975,000
Jason JaffrayABLW346/30/1981195 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Jason WilliamsONTC358/11/1980185 Lbs5 ft1111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Jean-Philippe CoteQUED334/22/1982213 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$680,000
Joakim LindstromSWEC/LW/RW3112/5/1983187 Lbs6 ft014No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Joe BasarabaONTRW235/2/1992191 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joe ColborneABC/LW/RW251/30/1990213 Lbs6 ft513No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000
Joey CrabbUSARW324/3/1983190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Josh BaileyONTC/LW/RW262/10/1989190 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Kevin GravelUSAD233/6/1992185 Lbs6 ft48No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Marc MethotONTD306/21/1985231 Lbs6 ft365No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Mark MancariONTRW307/10/1985208 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Michal JordanCZED257/16/1990195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Mike AngelidisONTLW306/26/1985212 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$710,000
Morgan RiellyBCD213/8/1994205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nate GueninUSAD3212/9/1982207 Lbs6 ft311No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Nicolas DeslauriersQUELW/RW242/21/1991209 Lbs6 ft115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,150,000$1,150,000
Pat NagleUSAG289/20/1987169 Lbs6 ft263No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Rich CluneONTLW284/24/1987207 Lbs5 ft1060No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$680,000$680,000
Ryan HamiltonONTLW304/14/1985219 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Ryan MartindaleONTC2310/26/1991207 Lbs6 ft39No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$680,000$680,000
Tomas PlekanecCZEC3210/30/1982196 Lbs5 ft114No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Tommy HughesONTD234/6/1992215 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsFarm OnlyNo$800,000$800,000
Will WeberUSAD2610/27/1988205 Lbs6 ft48No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4927.2201 Lbs6 ft 12.04 years$1,555,633 4711

Dallas Stars

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex FriesenONTC241/29/1991186 Lbs5 ft915No1 year Pro & FarmNo$735,000
Alex PietrangeloONTD251/17/1990201 Lbs6 ft316No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,166,666
Anton VolchenkovRUSD332/24/1982220 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Cam TalbotONTG287/5/1987205 Lbs6 ft336No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$2,900,000
Carter HuttonONTG2912/19/1985195 Lbs6 ft119No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Chris NeilONTRW366/18/1979215 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Chris StewartONTLW/RW2710/30/1987231 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Chris TerryONTLW/RW264/7/1989195 Lbs5 ft1025No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Damien BrunnerSWILW/RW293/9/1986184 Lbs5 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000
Dany HeatleyGERLW/RW341/21/1981220 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Dave SteckelUSAC333/15/1982215 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
David BrollONTLW221/4/1993216 Lbs6 ft215No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$915,000$915,000$915,000
Dylan McIlrathMAND234/20/1992220 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Eric StaalONTC/LW3010/29/1984205 Lbs6 ft422No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Erik GudbransonONTD231/7/1992210 Lbs6 ft519No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,660,000$3,660,000$3,660,000
Ilya BryzgalovRUSG356/22/1980213 Lbs6 ft315No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jack CampbellUSAG231/9/1992184 Lbs6 ft3152No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Jeff SchultzABD292/25/1986230 Lbs6 ft611No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Joey HishonONTC2310/20/1991170 Lbs5 ft1059No1 year Pro & FarmNo$875,000
John McCarthyUSAC/LW298/9/1986200 Lbs6 ft160No1 year Pro & FarmNo$735,000
John TavaresONTC259/20/1990206 Lbs6 ft062No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,700,000$5,700,000$5,700,000
Jordin TootooMANLW/RW322/2/1983199 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Lubomir VisnovskySVKD398/11/1976197 Lbs5 ft103No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Luca SbisaITAD251/30/1990204 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,175,000
Magnus PaajarviSWELW/RW244/12/1991208 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Manny MalhotraONTC/LW355/18/1980220 Lbs6 ft24No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Marc StaalONTD281/13/1987207 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,975,000
Markus LauridsenDEND242/27/1991187 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$785,000$785,000
Martin MarincinSVKD232/17/1992188 Lbs6 ft410No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Matt FinnONTD212/23/1994199 Lbs6 ft092No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Max FribergSWELW/RW2211/19/1992197 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Michal NeuvirthCZEG273/22/1988209 Lbs6 ft149No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,700,000$2,700,000$2,700,000
Nolan YonkmanSKWD343/31/1981247 Lbs6 ft611No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Patrick DwyerUSALW/RW326/21/1983175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000
Paul ByronONTC/LW/RW264/26/1989153 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Rob KlinkhammerABLW/RW298/11/1986220 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,150,000$1,150,000$1,150,000
Robyn RegehrBRAD354/18/1980225 Lbs6 ft327No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Ryan CarterUSAC/LW328/2/1983205 Lbs6 ft19No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Ryan MurraySKWD229/26/1993208 Lbs6 ft169No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,167
Ryan ReavesMANRW281/19/1987224 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Sebastian CollbergSWERW212/22/1994181 Lbs5 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Shane DoanABLW/RW3810/9/1976223 Lbs6 ft12No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,100,000
Simon GagneQUELW/RW352/28/1980195 Lbs6 ft132No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,070,000
Slater KoekkoekONTD212/17/1994184 Lbs6 ft233No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Tyler WotherspoonBCD223/11/1993210 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Viktor StalbergSWELW/RW291/16/1986209 Lbs6 ft36No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Zac DalpeONTC/RW2510/31/1989195 Lbs6 ft151No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Zack PhillipsNBC2210/27/1992194 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827.9204 Lbs6 ft 11.85 years$1,854,728 4800

Detroit Red Wings

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex GoligoskiUSAD307/29/1985185 Lbs5 ft1146No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000
Alexander KhokhlachevRUSC/LW229/8/1993184 Lbs5 ft1163No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew GordonNSRW2912/12/1985194 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andy MieleUSAC/LW274/14/1988175 Lbs5 ft920No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Anze KopitarSLOC288/23/1987224 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,800,000$6,800,000
Barry GoersUSAD296/14/1986168 Lbs5 ft96No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Benjamin Dieude-FauvelFRAD298/26/1986220 Lbs6 ft270No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Blair RileyBCLW2910/31/1985217 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Blake WheelerUSARW298/30/1986205 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,375,000$4,375,000
Brad StuartABD3511/5/1979215 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000
Braden HoltbySKWG269/15/1989203 Lbs6 ft23No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Brendan SmithONTD262/7/1989198 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000
Casey WellmanUSAC/RW2710/18/1987173 Lbs6 ft012No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cole BardreauUSAC/RW227/22/1993194 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Darian DziurzynskiSKWLW243/30/1991204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
David MossUSARW3312/28/1981210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Dmitrij JaskinRUSLW/RW223/23/1993196 Lbs6 ft219No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Doug CarrUSAG263/12/1989200 Lbs6 ft228No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Drew MillerUSALW/RW312/17/1984178 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,575,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Frank CorradoONTD223/26/1993190 Lbs6 ft015No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Henrik ZetterbergSWEC/LW3410/9/1980197 Lbs5 ft1114No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Jakub KindlCZED282/10/1987216 Lbs6 ft319No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000
Jared StaalONTRW258/21/1990200 Lbs6 ft415No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jason MissiaenONTG254/25/1990198 Lbs6 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joakim AnderssonSWEC/LW/RW262/5/1989206 Lbs6 ft219No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Justin HodgmanONTC/RW276/27/1988196 Lbs6 ft122No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jyrki JokipakkaFIND248/20/1991191 Lbs6 ft321No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ladislav SmidCZED292/1/1986207 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Mattias BackmanSWED2310/2/1992169 Lbs6 ft262No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Maxime MacenauerQUEC261/3/1989188 Lbs5 ft1192No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Mike FisherONTC356/4/1980215 Lbs6 ft119No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$4,500,000$4,000,000
Milan MichalekCZELW/RW3012/6/1984216 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000
Mitch CallahanUSALW/RW248/16/1991190 Lbs6 ft031No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Morgan EllisPEID234/29/1992197 Lbs6 ft141No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nicolas BlanchardQUELW/RW285/30/1987205 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Niklas KronwallSWED341/11/1981190 Lbs6 ft041No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Ondrej PalatCZELW243/27/1991180 Lbs6 ft014No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,200,000$4,000,000
Patrik BartosakCZEG243/28/1991187 Lbs6 ft1124No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Patrik NemethSWED232/7/1992235 Lbs6 ft328No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Pekka RinneFING3211/2/1982204 Lbs6 ft58No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,100,000$7,100,000
Philip VaroneONTC/LW2412/3/1990191 Lbs5 ft1012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Pierre-Luc Letourneau-LeblondQUELW/RW306/3/1985214 Lbs6 ft115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Richard PanikSVKLW/RW242/6/1991208 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Ryan DzingelUSAC238/3/1992185 Lbs6 ft032No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$715,000$715,000
Steve DownieONTLW/RW284/2/1987191 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Tomas TatarSVKLW/RW2411/30/1990186 Lbs5 ft109No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,400,000$2,400,000$2,400,000
Travis OleksukONTC262/2/1989195 Lbs6 ft08No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ville PokkaFIND216/2/1994206 Lbs6 ft07No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4826.9198 Lbs6 ft 12.06 years$1,930,521 4800

Edmonton Oilers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam PardyNFLD313/28/1984220 Lbs6 ft49No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Alex GudbransonONTD219/2/1994205 Lbs6 ft323No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Alexandre BurrowsQUELW/RW344/10/1981188 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Andy AndreoffONTC/LW245/16/1991201 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Antoine LaganiereQUEC257/4/1990215 Lbs6 ft50No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Antoine RousselFRALW2511/20/1989200 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Boone JennerONTC/LW226/14/1993208 Lbs6 ft225No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$790,000$790,000
Brenden KichtonABD236/17/1992185 Lbs5 ft106No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brooks LaichSKWC/LW/RW326/23/1983210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Caleb HerbertUSAC2310/12/1991185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$740,000$740,000
Charlie CoyleUSAC/RW233/2/1992221 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Cody CorbettUSAD2112/14/1993204 Lbs6 ft11No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Colin SmithABC226/20/1993162 Lbs5 ft1010No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Connor HellebuyckUSAG225/19/1993185 Lbs6 ft46No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Dan EllisSKWG356/19/1980195 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Danny DeKeyserUSAD253/7/1990190 Lbs6 ft332No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,110,000$4,110,000
Derek ForbortUSAD233/4/1992198 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$875,000$875,000
Duncan SiemensABD229/7/1993200 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000$750,000$750,000
Dylan ReeseUSAD318/29/1984201 Lbs6 ft16No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Elias LindholmSWEC/RW2012/2/1994192 Lbs6 ft049No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Evan TruppUSAC/LW/RW2710/22/1987157 Lbs5 ft1023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jerry D'AmigoUSALW242/19/1991208 Lbs5 ft1124No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Joey MorminaQUED336/29/1982220 Lbs6 ft620No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joffrey LupulABLW/RW329/23/1983206 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
Justin PetersONTG298/30/1986205 Lbs6 ft185No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Kevin FialaSWILW/RW197/22/1996180 Lbs5 ft1074No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Louis-Marc AubryQUEC2311/11/1991205 Lbs6 ft425No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Marek TvrdonSVKRW221/31/1993210 Lbs6 ft218No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Mark McNeillBCC/RW222/21/1993211 Lbs6 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Marko DanoAUSC/RW2011/29/1994183 Lbs5 ft1113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Matt CalvertMANLW2512/23/1989187 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Matt CullenUSAC/LW391/11/1976200 Lbs6 ft115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000
Mattias EkholmSWED255/23/1990204 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,037,500$1,037,500
Max ReinhartBCC/LW232/3/1992190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Michael RafflAUSC/LW2611/30/1988192 Lbs6 ft19No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000
Michael StoneMAND256/6/1990207 Lbs6 ft36No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Miikka SalomakiFINLW/RW223/8/1993198 Lbs5 ft1131No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Mike HoffmanONTLW2511/23/1989185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Mike ZalewskiUSALW238/17/1992205 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mitchell HeardONTC/LW233/11/1992190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nikita NikitinRUSD296/15/1986223 Lbs6 ft41No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,700,000
Radek FaksaCZEC218/1/1994200 Lbs6 ft38No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Roman WillCZEG235/21/1992195 Lbs6 ft175No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Taylor ChorneyONTD284/26/1987189 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Tobias RiederGERC/LW/RW221/9/1993180 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tyler ToffoliONTLW/RW234/23/1992196 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
William KarlssonSWEC221/7/1993180 Lbs6 ft010No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4725.1197 Lbs6 ft 12.28 years$1,370,957 4700

Florida Panthers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alan QuineONTC222/24/1993184 Lbs5 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Andrew MacWilliamABD253/24/1990214 Lbs6 ft223No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$875,000$875,000
Anton KhudobinKAZG295/6/1986203 Lbs5 ft1121No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,750,000$2,250,000$3,000,000
Ben BishopUSAG2811/20/1986214 Lbs6 ft76No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Ben ScrivensABG299/10/1986193 Lbs6 ft26No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Brayden IrwinONTC283/24/1987215 Lbs6 ft520No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Brett OlsonUSAC282/18/1987185 Lbs6 ft06No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Bryan LergUSAC/LW291/20/1986175 Lbs5 ft103No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Bryan RustUSALW/RW235/11/1992191 Lbs6 ft019No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Cameron GaunceONTD253/19/1990210 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Chris ConnerUSALW3112/23/1983190 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Colton OrrMANRW333/3/1982222 Lbs6 ft314No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Damon SeversonMAND218/7/1994193 Lbs6 ft28No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Daniel ClearyNFLLW/RW3612/18/1978208 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,550,000
David WohlbergUSAC257/18/1990192 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Evan RankinUSARW293/28/1986181 Lbs6 ft114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Greg RalloUSARW348/26/1981195 Lbs6 ft055No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
James WisniewskiUSAD312/21/1984208 Lbs6 ft021No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Jamie McBainUSAD272/25/1988200 Lbs6 ft236No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jannik HansenDENLW/RW293/15/1986195 Lbs6 ft116No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Jesse GrahamONTD215/13/1994170 Lbs5 ft1126No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Jimmy OlignyQUED224/30/1993209 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000$650,000
Johan LarssonSWEC/LW237/25/1992200 Lbs5 ft1080No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Josh ArchibaldSKWLW/RW2310/6/1992181 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Justin VaiveUSALW267/8/1989213 Lbs6 ft52No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Keith AulieSKWD266/11/1989217 Lbs6 ft617No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Kevin HendersonONTLW2812/3/1986209 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$685,000
Lucas LessioONTLW221/23/1993206 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$830,833$830,833
Marian GaborikSVKLW/RW332/14/1982204 Lbs6 ft124No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Matia MarcantuoniONTLW212/21/1994197 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Matt GreeneUSAD325/12/1983234 Lbs6 ft316No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,770,000$3,770,000
Matt TaorminaUSAD2810/19/1986182 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Michael SdaoUSAD267/2/1989221 Lbs6 ft414No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike McKennaUSAG324/10/1983195 Lbs6 ft33No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Mirco MuellerSWID203/20/1995184 Lbs6 ft313No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Nate ThompsonUSAC3110/5/1984212 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Olli JokinenFINC/LW/RW3612/4/1978210 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Patrick BordeleauQUELW/RW293/22/1986225 Lbs6 ft666No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Patrick SieloffUSAD215/14/1994200 Lbs6 ft113No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Patrik EliasCZEC/LW394/12/1976195 Lbs6 ft15No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,850,000$5,850,000
Pontus AbergSWELW/RW229/22/1993189 Lbs5 ft1185No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$780,833$780,833$780,833
Riley NashABC/RW265/8/1989200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Ryan MaloneUSALW/RW3511/30/1979224 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Ryan StantonABD267/19/1989196 Lbs6 ft223No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$2,000,000
Seth HelgesonUSAD2410/7/1990220 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Stefan ElliottBCD241/29/1991190 Lbs6 ft15No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Steve BernierQUERW303/30/1985215 Lbs6 ft312No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Tim JackmanUSARW3311/13/1981225 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Turner ElsonBCLW239/12/1992185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$650,000$650,000
Will O'NeillUSAD274/27/1988205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5027.4202 Lbs6 ft 12.40 years$1,683,889 5000

Los Angeles Kings

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Ales HemskyCZERW328/12/1983185 Lbs6 ft04No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Alexander EdlerSWED294/20/1986215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Andrej SekeraSVKD296/7/1986201 Lbs6 ft020No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,200,000$6,200,000$6,200,000$6,200,000
Ben HolmstromUSAC284/8/1987197 Lbs6 ft128No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ben ThomsonONTLW221/15/1993210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Bogdan YakimovRUSC213/10/1994202 Lbs6 ft554No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Borna RendulicCRORW233/24/1992194 Lbs6 ft340No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000$750,000$750,000
Brandon AldersonONTRW231/21/1992190 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brandon DavidsonABD248/20/1991202 Lbs6 ft11No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brett BulmerBCLW/RW234/25/1992212 Lbs6 ft415No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Calvin PickardNBG234/15/1992195 Lbs6 ft116No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000$950,000
Chris TierneyONTC217/1/1994181 Lbs6 ft062No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Dan O'DonoghueUSAC/LW241/28/1991200 Lbs6 ft570No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Daniel MaggioONTRW/D243/4/1991202 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
David WolfGERC/LW269/15/1989215 Lbs6 ft219No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Drew MacIntyrePEIG326/24/1983190 Lbs6 ft115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Evander KaneBCLW248/2/1991195 Lbs6 ft299No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Evgeny KuznetsovRUSC/LW/RW235/19/1992172 Lbs6 ft059No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Fredrik ClaessonSWED2211/24/1992198 Lbs6 ft05No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Gregory CampbellONTC/LW3112/17/1983197 Lbs6 ft014No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
J.P. AndersonONTG234/27/1992185 Lbs5 ft1127No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jake DowellUSALW/RW303/4/1985198 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joe WhitneyUSALW272/6/1988165 Lbs5 ft613No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jordan OesterleUSAD236/25/1992185 Lbs6 ft024No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Jordan Samuels-ThomasUSALW255/28/1990195 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Joshua WinquistABLW229/6/1993180 Lbs6 ft0119No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jujhar KhairaBCC/LW218/13/1994198 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$867,500$925,000$832,500
Jussi OlkinuoraFING2411/4/1990201 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Kellan LainONTC/LW268/11/1989223 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,200,000
Kevin ConnautonABD252/23/1990185 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$715,000
Kyle CumiskeyBCD2812/2/1986185 Lbs5 ft10120No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Mark BorowieckiONTD267/11/1989205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Michal CajkovskySVKD236/5/1992198 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike KeenanUSAD263/7/1989190 Lbs6 ft015No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Nick SorkinUSALW246/3/1991185 Lbs6 ft36No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Oscar KlefbomSWED227/19/1993213 Lbs6 ft311No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Sam HenleyQUELW227/24/1993200 Lbs6 ft42No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Sean CollinsUSAC322/9/1983170 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Travis EhrhardtABD264/12/1989205 Lbs6 ft029No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Travis MoenSKWLW/RW334/5/1982210 Lbs6 ft234No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Trevor CheekUSALW2212/28/1992208 Lbs6 ft232No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Tuomo RuutuFINLW/RW322/15/1983205 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,750,000
Tyson BarrieBCD247/25/1991190 Lbs5 ft105No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Vincent LoVerdeUSAD264/13/1989205 Lbs5 ft1129No1 year Farm OnlyNo$675,000
Vincent TrocheckUSAC/RW227/10/1993182 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
William WrennUSAD243/16/1991194 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4625.3196 Lbs6 ft 12.61 years$1,323,406 4501

Minnesota Wild

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andrei MarkovRUSD3612/19/1978201 Lbs6 ft021No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Ben HanowskiUSALW/RW2410/17/1990210 Lbs6 ft25No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brad RichardsPEIC355/1/1980196 Lbs6 ft032No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Braydon CoburnSKWD302/26/1985220 Lbs6 ft540No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Brendan GallagherABRW235/5/1992180 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Brett FindlayONTC2210/13/1992161 Lbs5 ft113No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brody SutterABC249/25/1991203 Lbs6 ft518No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Chris MuellerUSAC293/6/1986210 Lbs5 ft1171No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$683,150$683,150$683,150$683,150
Christian ThomasONTRW235/26/1992176 Lbs5 ft943No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cody CeciONTD2112/21/1993209 Lbs6 ft323No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Colin FraserBCC/LW301/28/1985189 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Corey PotterUSAD311/5/1984204 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cory SchneiderUSAG293/18/1986200 Lbs6 ft23No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Darren ArchibaldONTLW252/9/1990210 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Derek MeechMAND314/21/1984200 Lbs5 ft11146No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Dominic MooreONTC/LW358/3/1980192 Lbs6 ft010No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Jiri SekacCZELW/RW236/10/1992174 Lbs6 ft218No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Joakim NordstromSWEC/LW/RW232/25/1992160 Lbs6 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joe PavelskiUSAC/LW/RW317/11/1984190 Lbs5 ft110No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
John CurryUSAG312/27/1984185 Lbs5 ft1139No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Johnny OduyaSWED341/10/1981190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,000,000
Jordan EberleSKWRW255/15/1990184 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Keegan LoweUSAD223/29/1993189 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$738,333$738,333
Kent HuskinsONTD365/4/1979210 Lbs6 ft43No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Lauri KorpikoskiFINLW/RW297/28/1986205 Lbs6 ft112No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Loui ErikssonSWELW/RW307/17/1985196 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Marc-Andre ClicheQUEC/RW283/23/1987203 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Marcus FolignoUSAC/LW/RW248/10/1991226 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Marek ZidlickyCZED382/3/1977190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Mark CundariONTD254/22/1990195 Lbs5 ft97No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mark ScheifeleONTC/RW223/14/1993195 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$832,500
Matt HackettONTG253/6/1990173 Lbs6 ft241No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Michael Del ZottoONTD256/23/1990195 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$4,000,000
Micheal HaleyONTLW/RW293/29/1986205 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike BlundenONTLW/RW2812/14/1986216 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike MooreABD3012/11/1984210 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nathan GerbeUSALW/RW287/23/1987178 Lbs5 ft54No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Nick HoldenABD285/14/1987207 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Patrick KaletaUSALW/RW296/7/1986206 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Paul GaustadUSAC332/2/1982223 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,965,000
Peter ManninoUSAG312/16/1984195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Peter ReginDENC/LW/RW294/16/1986190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Philipp GrubauerGERG2311/24/1991184 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000
Phillip DanaultQUEC/LW222/23/1993184 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333
Ryan CulkinQUED2112/14/1993176 Lbs6 ft148No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$680,000
Scott GomezUSAC/LW/RW3512/22/1979202 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,150,000
Sergei GoncharRUSD414/12/1974210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$680,000
Taylor FedunABD276/3/1988198 Lbs6 ft03No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Xavier OuelletQUED227/28/1993190 Lbs6 ft114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4928.1196 Lbs6 ft 11.76 years$1,816,969 4900

Montreal Canadiens

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex BroadhurstUSAC223/6/1993150 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Alexander WennbergSWEC/LW/RW219/21/1994190 Lbs6 ft121No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Andrew MillerUSAC/RW279/17/1988180 Lbs5 ft105No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Austen BrassardONTRW221/13/1993188 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brayden SchennSKWC/LW/RW248/21/1991190 Lbs6 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,600,000$2,600,000$2,600,000
Brennan EvansABD331/15/1982223 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brock McGinnONTLW211/2/1994174 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$792,500$842,500$800,000
Cal ClutterbuckONTRW2711/18/1987213 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Cedrick DesjardinsNBG309/30/1985192 Lbs6 ft024No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Chris SummersUSAD272/5/1988209 Lbs6 ft237No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,125,000$1,125,000
Clayton StonerBCD302/19/1985216 Lbs6 ft40No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Curtis McElhinneyONTG325/23/1983197 Lbs6 ft24No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
David WarsofskyUSAD255/30/1990170 Lbs5 ft99No1 year Pro & FarmNo$715,000
Dustin BrownUSALW/RW3011/4/1984212 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Dustin TokarskiSKWG269/16/1989198 Lbs5 ft1118No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Emerson EtemUSALW/RW236/16/1992210 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Erik ColeUSALW/RW3611/6/1978210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,750,000
Gabriel BeaupreQUED2211/23/1992195 Lbs6 ft211No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Gabriel DumontQUEC/RW2510/6/1990170 Lbs5 ft919No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Ian ColeUSAD262/21/1989219 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Jared CowenSKWD241/25/1991230 Lbs6 ft538No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Jimmy HowardUSAG313/26/1984218 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Joe FaustUSAD2311/15/1991190 Lbs5 ft1140No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Joel VerminSWIRW232/5/1992192 Lbs5 ft1147No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Jonas BrodinSWED227/12/1993166 Lbs6 ft18No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Jordan MartinookMANLW237/25/1992202 Lbs6 ft082No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jordan NolanONTLW/RW266/23/1989227 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Justin FlorekUSALW255/18/1990201 Lbs6 ft410No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kevin GagneNBD234/14/1992176 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kyle QuinceyONTD308/12/1985207 Lbs6 ft20No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Laurent BrossoitBCG223/23/1993200 Lbs6 ft3142No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Matt DonovanUSAD255/8/1990195 Lbs6 ft043No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$780,000$780,000
Matt DumbaSKWD217/24/1994184 Lbs6 ft040No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Mikhail GrabovskiBLRC/LW/RW311/30/1984183 Lbs5 ft1134No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,200,000$4,200,000
Nick BoninoUSAC/LW274/19/1988196 Lbs6 ft124No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Nick FolignoUSAC/LW/RW2710/30/1987210 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Nick SpalingONTC/LW279/18/1988201 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Nicklas GrossmannSWED301/21/1985230 Lbs6 ft411No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Olivier ArchambaultQUELW222/15/1993177 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Patrik BerglundSWEC/LW/RW276/1/1988217 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Phil LaneUSARW235/28/1992203 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Quinton HowdenMANLW231/20/1992189 Lbs6 ft24No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Rocco GrimaldiUSAC/RW222/7/1993160 Lbs5 ft699No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Sam GagnerONTC/RW268/9/1989202 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Sena AcolatseUSAD2411/27/1990200 Lbs6 ft039No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Tanner RichardONTC224/5/1993176 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Vernon FiddlerABC355/8/1980205 Lbs5 ft1124No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Viktor ArvidssonSWELW/RW224/7/1993172 Lbs5 ft957No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Yannick WeberSWID279/22/1988200 Lbs5 ft1111No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Zack KassianONTRW241/23/1991214 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5025.7197 Lbs6 ft 02.40 years$1,580,633 5000

Nashville Predators

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andreas AthanasiouONTLW218/5/1994177 Lbs6 ft043No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Anthony ManthaQUELW/RW219/15/1994190 Lbs6 ft412No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Ben JohnsonUSAC/LW216/6/1994188 Lbs5 ft1130No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Branden TroockABRW213/19/1994194 Lbs6 ft314No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brandon MontourONTD214/11/1994185 Lbs6 ft034No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Brandon PirriONTC/LW/RW244/9/1991183 Lbs6 ft044No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000
Christopher GibsonFING2212/27/1992190 Lbs6 ft116No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Cody HodgsonONTC/LW/RW252/18/1990192 Lbs6 ft011No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Cory ConacherONTLW/RW2512/14/1989180 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Daniel CiampiniONTC/LW/RW2411/5/1990185 Lbs5 ft1161No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Derek GrantBCC/LW254/20/1990206 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Eric BaierUSAD273/26/1988210 Lbs6 ft227No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Eric NystromUSALW/RW322/14/1983193 Lbs6 ft111No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,125,000$2,225,000
Fedor TyutinRUSD327/19/1983216 Lbs6 ft211No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Frankie SimonelliUSAD2210/29/1992200 Lbs5 ft102No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Garnet HathawayUSAC/LW/RW2311/23/1991210 Lbs6 ft218No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jacob JosefsonSWEC/LW243/2/1991190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Jared KnightUSARW231/16/1992186 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jay BeagleABC/LW/RW2910/16/1985215 Lbs6 ft38No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Jaycob MegnaUSAD2212/10/1992200 Lbs6 ft643No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Jiri TlustyCZELW/RW273/16/1988209 Lbs6 ft014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,600,000
Jonas HillerSWEG332/12/1982194 Lbs6 ft23No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Jonathan MarchessaultQUELW/RW2412/27/1990175 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$875,000$875,000
Jordan BinningtonONTG227/11/1993167 Lbs6 ft121No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jordon SouthornQUED255/15/1990205 Lbs6 ft328No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Josh JoorisONTC257/14/1990190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Mason RaymondABLW/RW309/16/1985185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,600,000
Mathieu BrodeurQUED256/20/1990215 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Matt BartkowskiUSAD276/3/1988196 Lbs6 ft19No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Matt BeleskeyONTLW276/6/1988206 Lbs6 ft012No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Matt IrwinBCD2711/28/1987210 Lbs6 ft214No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Matt MacKenzieBCD2310/14/1991182 Lbs6 ft129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Matt PelechONTRW289/3/1987235 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Matthew CarleUSAD319/24/1984205 Lbs6 ft011No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000
Michael BournivalQUEC/LW/RW235/30/1992196 Lbs5 ft1145No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Michael FerlandMANLW234/19/1992215 Lbs6 ft026No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Mike WeberUSAD2712/15/1987212 Lbs6 ft210No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Patrick MaroonUSALW274/22/1988230 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Paul MartinUSAD343/4/1981200 Lbs6 ft149No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000
Philippe CornetQUELW253/27/1990196 Lbs6 ft016No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Rasmus RissanenFIND247/12/1991210 Lbs6 ft281No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ryan BourqueUSALW241/2/1991185 Lbs5 ft923No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Sami AittokallioFING238/5/1992174 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Scott GreenhamONTG284/24/1987190 Lbs6 ft218No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Stephane VeilleuxQUELW3311/15/1981200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Stephen WeissONTC/LW/RW324/2/1983190 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000
TJ GaliardiABC/LW/RW274/21/1988195 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Tomas KopeckySVKLW/RW332/4/1982203 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Tyler PitlickUSAC/RW2310/31/1991195 Lbs6 ft230No1 year Pro & FarmNo$761,250
Tyler RandellONTRW246/14/1991197 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5025.8197 Lbs6 ft 12.24 years$1,548,492 5000

New Jersey Devils

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam HenriqueONTC/LW252/5/1990195 Lbs6 ft020No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Alex AleardiUSAC237/30/1992150 Lbs5 ft910No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew AgozzinoONTC/LW241/2/1991185 Lbs5 ft916No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew CrescenziONTC237/28/1992199 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew MacDonaldNSD299/6/1986190 Lbs6 ft149No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Austin LeviUSAD232/15/1992212 Lbs6 ft441No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brian GiontaUSARW361/17/1979176 Lbs5 ft710No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,000,000$2,000,000
Byron FroeseMANC243/12/1991190 Lbs6 ft013No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Chris BreenONTD266/29/1989224 Lbs6 ft710No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Chris HigginsUSALW326/2/1983205 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Cole SchneiderUSALW/RW258/26/1990185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Craig AndersonUSAG345/21/1981184 Lbs6 ft26No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Craig SmithUSARW269/5/1989202 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,750,000$4,000,000$4,250,000$4,500,000$4,750,000
Curtis HamiltonUSALW2312/4/1991208 Lbs6 ft26No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
David MusilABD224/9/1993198 Lbs6 ft331No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Eric GrybaSKWD274/14/1988222 Lbs6 ft413No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,800,000$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Gabriel BourqueQUELW259/23/1990192 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Garrett ThompsonUSAD253/7/1990205 Lbs6 ft344No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Hunter ShinkarukABLW2010/13/1994181 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$832,500$832,500
James NealONTLW/RW289/3/1987208 Lbs6 ft27No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Jason PominvilleQUERW3211/30/1982185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,200,000$5,200,000
Jeremy LangloisUSARW256/2/1990172 Lbs6 ft031No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000
Joel BrodaSKWC/LW2511/24/1989196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
John MuseUSAG278/1/1988165 Lbs5 ft1056No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jonathan RacineQUED225/28/1993194 Lbs6 ft223No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Josh GorgesBCD318/14/1984200 Lbs6 ft112No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Josh MansonSKWD2410/7/1991210 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$825,000$825,000
Justin WilliamsONTRW3410/4/1981191 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,225,000$4,225,000$4,225,000$4,225,000$4,225,000
Keith KinkaidUSAG267/4/1989170 Lbs6 ft333No1 year Pro & FarmNo$875,000
Mark FayneUSAD285/14/1987210 Lbs6 ft369No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Matt DucheneONTC241/15/1991200 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Matt HalischukONTLW/RW276/1/1988187 Lbs5 ft1113No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Matt MurrayONTG215/24/1994166 Lbs6 ft411No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Matt PuempelONTLW221/23/1993198 Lbs6 ft015No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$863,333$863,333
Michael HouserUSAG239/12/1992185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Mike HoeffelUSALW264/8/1989210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nathan WalkerUKLW212/6/1994185 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Shane HarperUSARW261/31/1989193 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000
Shawn MatthiasONTC/LW272/18/1988223 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,700,000$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Steve SpinellUSAD259/9/1990216 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
T.J. BrennanUSAD264/2/1989213 Lbs6 ft120No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
T.J. TynanUSAC232/24/1992165 Lbs6 ft611No1 year Pro & FarmNo$742,500
Thomas HickeyABD262/7/1989184 Lbs6 ft05No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$900,000$900,000
Travis ZajacMANC305/12/1985205 Lbs6 ft35No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000
Trevor ParkesONTRW245/12/1991188 Lbs6 ft212No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Victor BartleyONTD272/16/1988203 Lbs6 ft088No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Zach BoychukABLW/RW2610/3/1989185 Lbs5 ft1031No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Zach PariseUSALW317/27/1984197 Lbs5 ft1123No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000
Zack MitchellONTRW221/6/1993185 Lbs6 ft08No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4925.9194 Lbs6 ft 12.47 years$1,856,241 4900

New York Islanders

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam PayerlONTC/RW243/3/1991218 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Andrei VasilevskiyRUSG217/24/1994210 Lbs6 ft3159No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Andrej SustrCZED2411/28/1990225 Lbs6 ft82No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,700,000
Andrey MakarovRUSG224/19/1993193 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Blake ParlettUSAD265/12/1989205 Lbs6 ft169No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brad HuntBCD278/23/1988188 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Brendan GaunceONTC/LW213/24/1994207 Lbs6 ft229No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Brendan RanfordABLW235/2/1992182 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Brian CampbellONTD365/22/1979190 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Bryce Van BrabantABLW2311/12/1991205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Cam WardSKWG312/29/1984185 Lbs6 ft19No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Cameron SchillingUSAD2610/7/1988182 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Charles SaraultONTC232/20/1992184 Lbs5 ft1131No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Christian FolinSWED242/9/1991215 Lbs6 ft31No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Conor ShearyUSALW236/8/1992161 Lbs5 ft927No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Corey CowickONTLW268/1/1989208 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Daniel NewUSAD262/23/1989194 Lbs6 ft115No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Danny BiegaQUED249/29/1991205 Lbs6 ft026No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Danny KristoUSARW256/18/1990172 Lbs5 ft1143No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$826,875$826,875
David BoothUSALW/RW3011/24/1984212 Lbs6 ft07No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Eriah HayesUSALW/RW277/7/1988209 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Guillaume GelinasQUED226/14/1993185 Lbs5 ft10101No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jacob TroubaUSAD212/26/1994187 Lbs6 ft257No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Jason ZuckerUSALW/RW231/16/1992186 Lbs5 ft116No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Jayson MegnaUSAC/RW252/1/1990195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jean-Sebastien DeaQUEC212/8/1994155 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jesper PetterssonSWED217/16/1994187 Lbs5 ft916No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
John-Michael LilesUSAD3411/25/1980185 Lbs5 ft1041No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Jon MerrillUSAD232/3/1992198 Lbs6 ft334No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Marek HrivikSVKLW248/28/1991195 Lbs6 ft19No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Markus GranlundFINC224/15/1993185 Lbs5 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$767,500$767,500
Martin FrkCZERW2210/4/1993193 Lbs6 ft014No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000$2,200,000
Martin HavlatCZELW/RW344/18/1981210 Lbs6 ft268No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Matt CareyONTC/LW232/27/1992195 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Michael KeranenSWEC/RW253/1/1990158 Lbs5 ft103No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000$1,300,000
Nate SchmidtUSAD247/15/1991185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,600,000
Nick BjugstadUSAC237/16/1992218 Lbs6 ft634No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Niklas SvedbergSWEG269/3/1989176 Lbs6 ft0114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Petr MrazekCZEG232/13/1992184 Lbs6 ft148No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Pierre-Alexandre ParenteauQUERW323/23/1983193 Lbs6 ft017No3 yearsPro OnlyNo$1,600,000$1,600,000$1,600,000
Raman HrabarenkaBLRD238/23/1992202 Lbs6 ft310No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Ronalds KeninsLATLW242/27/1991201 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Ryan CarpenterUSAC/LW/RW241/17/1991180 Lbs6 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Stefan NoesenUSALW/RW222/11/1993187 Lbs6 ft019No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Sven AndrighettoSWIC/LW/RW223/20/1993188 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Teemu PulkkinenFINLW/RW231/1/1992183 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$698,333$698,333
Tomas FleischmannCZELW/RW315/15/1984192 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000$2,200,000
Troy RutkowskiABD234/29/1992208 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tyler GaudetONTC224/3/1993210 Lbs6 ft318No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Zach SillNSC/LW275/23/1988202 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5024.8193 Lbs6 ft 11.88 years$1,599,826 4910

New York Rangers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron NessUSAD255/17/1990182 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Alexey MarchenkoRUSD231/1/1992212 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Andrej NestrasilCZEC/RW242/21/1991210 Lbs6 ft25No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$912,500$912,500
Barclay GoodrowONTLW/RW222/25/1993210 Lbs6 ft213No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,200,000
Ben ChiarotONTD245/8/1991215 Lbs6 ft323No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,350,000$1,850,000$2,000,000
Brandon DefazioONTLW279/12/1988204 Lbs6 ft252No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brian BoyleUSAC/LW3012/17/1984244 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Brian ElliottONTG304/8/1985209 Lbs6 ft215No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Bryan LittleABC2711/12/1987185 Lbs5 ft1118No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Cedric PaquetteQUEC/LW/RW228/13/1993198 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Chris DriedgerMANG215/18/1994187 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$755,000$755,000
Corey CrawfordQUEG3012/31/1984208 Lbs6 ft26No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,900,000$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000
Dan GirardiONTD314/29/1984203 Lbs6 ft123No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,200,000$1,200,000
Dennis RasmussenSWEC/LW257/3/1990201 Lbs6 ft310No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Dylan BlujusUSAD211/22/1994191 Lbs6 ft331No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$742,500$742,500$742,500
Dylan DeMeloONTD225/1/1993195 Lbs6 ft055No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000$700,000
Erik HaulaFINC/LW243/23/1991170 Lbs5 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Francois BeaucheminQUED356/4/1980207 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Greg CareyONTC/LW255/9/1990194 Lbs5 ft1129No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$811,000$811,000
Gustav NyquistSWELW/RW269/1/1989185 Lbs5 ft118No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000
Henri IkonenFINLW214/17/1994198 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
J.T. MillerUSAC/LW/RW223/14/1993200 Lbs6 ft119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
James SheppardNSC/LW274/25/1988205 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,300,000$1,300,000
Jani HakanpaaFIND233/31/1992218 Lbs6 ft531No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jimmy HayesUSARW2511/21/1989221 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Johan AlmSWED231/28/1992209 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Johan SundstromSWEC239/21/1992197 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
John GibsonUSAG227/14/1993209 Lbs6 ft363No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jonathan EricssonSWED313/2/1984221 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Josh AndersonONTLW/RW215/7/1994183 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$678,333$678,333$678,333
Kevin HayesUSAC/LW/RW235/8/1992201 Lbs6 ft215No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Kevin KleinONTD3012/13/1984200 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Kurtis GabrielONTRW224/20/1993189 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Logan CoutureONTC/LW263/28/1989200 Lbs6 ft110No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000
Luke SchennSKWD2511/2/1989229 Lbs6 ft236No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,400,000$3,400,000$3,400,000
Luke WitkowskiUSAD254/14/1990200 Lbs6 ft217No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Matt HendricksUSAC/LW/RW346/16/1981211 Lbs6 ft09No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Michael GrabnerAUSLW/RW2810/4/1987186 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Mike HalmoONTLW/RW245/14/1991197 Lbs5 ft1020No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Petr StrakaCZELW/RW236/14/1992185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Roman PolakCZED294/27/1986236 Lbs6 ft032No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,100,000
Ryan HaggertyUSARW223/3/1993180 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Ryan JohansenBCC237/30/1992223 Lbs6 ft33No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Ryan McDonaghUSAD266/12/1989213 Lbs6 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,700,000
Tom McCollumUSAG2512/6/1989215 Lbs6 ft212No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Tomas NosekCZELW238/31/1992180 Lbs6 ft22No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Trevor van RiemsdykUSAD247/23/1991185 Lbs6 ft29No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000$1,400,000
Troy BrouwerBCRW308/16/1985213 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,600,000$3,600,000$3,600,000
Vladislav NamestnikovRUSC/LW2211/21/1992171 Lbs5 ft1125No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4925.2202 Lbs6 ft 22.33 years$1,714,385 4900

Ottawa Senators

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexei EmelinRUSD294/24/1986224 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Andrew LaddBCLW2912/11/1985205 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,600,000
Andrew ShawONTC/RW247/19/1991180 Lbs5 ft100No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Austin WatsonUSAC/RW231/12/1992193 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Bobby SheaUSAD257/20/1990194 Lbs5 ft1119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brad BoyesONTC/RW334/16/1982195 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Brad RichardUSAD262/21/1989194 Lbs5 ft1059No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brad WinchesterUSALW/RW342/28/1981230 Lbs6 ft510No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brady BrassartBCRW226/14/1993189 Lbs6 ft116No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000$700,000
Brandon BurlonONTD253/4/1990195 Lbs6 ft02No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brandon YipBCLW/RW304/24/1985198 Lbs6 ft124No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Christian EhrhoffGERD337/6/1982196 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,855,000
Colby RobakMAND254/24/1990194 Lbs6 ft322No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$710,000$710,000$710,000
Colin McDonaldUSARW319/30/1984214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$815,000
Daniel BriereQUEC/LW/RW3810/6/1977174 Lbs5 ft919No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
David ClarksonONTRW313/31/1984200 Lbs6 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,150,000$4,150,000$4,150,000
Domenic MonardoONTC/LW/RW2710/6/1988190 Lbs5 ft1141No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
JC LiponSKWRW227/10/1993180 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jeremy MorinUSALW/RW244/16/1991192 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Jordan LeopoldUSAD353/8/1980206 Lbs6 ft19No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Julien BrouilletteQUED2812/5/1986185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Keaton EllerbyABD2611/5/1988217 Lbs6 ft54No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Lee StempniakUSARW322/4/1983196 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Liam O'BrienNSLW217/29/1994205 Lbs6 ft151No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Marc-Andre FleuryQUEG3011/28/1984180 Lbs6 ft26No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Martin JonesBCG251/9/1990187 Lbs6 ft418No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Matt ClimieABG322/10/1983194 Lbs6 ft33No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Matt FrattinABLW/RW271/2/1988205 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Matt HunwickUSAD305/20/1985190 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Matt MartinONTLW/RW265/7/1989206 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Max TalbotQUEC/LW/RW312/11/1984190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Maxim LapierreQUEC303/28/1985215 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Michael FrolikCZERW272/16/1988198 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,300,000
Oscar LindbergSWEC2310/28/1991190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Patrice CormierNBC/LW256/13/1990215 Lbs6 ft210No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Reece ScarlettABD223/30/1993168 Lbs6 ft13No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Rob BordsonUSAC/LW276/8/1988190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Rod PelleyBCC/LW318/31/1984200 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$695,000$695,000$695,000
Ryan FaragherONTG252/7/1990195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Ryan GarbuttMANLW/RW308/11/1985190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Scott ClemmensenUSAG387/22/1977201 Lbs6 ft2103No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Scott HartnellSKWLW/RW334/17/1982210 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Scott KosmachukONTRW211/23/1994185 Lbs5 ft113No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$720,000$720,000$720,000
Shea WeberBCD308/13/1985233 Lbs6 ft415No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Steve OttPEIC/LW/RW338/18/1982189 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Sven BaertschiSWILW/RW2310/4/1992190 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Taylor AronsonUSAD2311/29/1991205 Lbs6 ft129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Tomas JurcoSVKLW/RW2212/27/1992193 Lbs6 ft234No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827.9197 Lbs6 ft 11.90 years$1,700,938 4800

Philadelphia Flyers

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam LarssonSWED2211/11/1992205 Lbs6 ft32No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000$3,800,000
Andrew CherniwchanABC/LW/RW264/20/1989165 Lbs5 ft1141No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew EbbettABC/LW321/1/1983174 Lbs5 ft915No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Antti RaantaFING265/11/1989187 Lbs6 ft05No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,950,000$1,950,000$1,950,000
Blair JonesSKWC/LW/RW299/26/1986216 Lbs6 ft224No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Bo HorvatONTC204/4/1995206 Lbs6 ft054No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$832,500
Brad ThiessenBCG293/18/1986180 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Brendan BellONTD323/30/1983205 Lbs6 ft21No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Cam FowlerONTD2312/5/1991207 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Christopher TanevONTD2512/20/1989185 Lbs6 ft224No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Craig AdamsBNC/LW/RW384/26/1977200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
David PastrnakCZELW/RW195/25/1996167 Lbs6 ft078No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Dougie HamiltonONTD226/17/1993199 Lbs6 ft542No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000
Ethan WerekONTC246/7/1991189 Lbs6 ft130No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Gabriel LandeskogSWELW2211/23/1992204 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$5,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,000,000
Jake MuzzinONTD262/21/1989215 Lbs6 ft38No1 year Pro & FarmNo$820,000
Jarred TinordiUSAD232/20/1992205 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Jeff SkinnerONTLW235/16/1992200 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
John RamageONTD242/7/1991184 Lbs6 ft111No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$690,000$690,000
Johnny BoychukABD311/19/1984225 Lbs6 ft215No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Jordan CaronQUELW/RW2411/2/1990202 Lbs6 ft228No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jordan SzwarzONTRW245/14/1991196 Lbs5 ft1130No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Keith BallardUSAD3211/26/1982208 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000$700,000
Lars EllerDENC/LW265/8/1989209 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,300,000$3,300,000$3,300,000
Louis DomingueQUEG233/6/1992203 Lbs6 ft227No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Marcel GocGERC/LW328/24/1983197 Lbs6 ft112No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Mark FistricABD295/31/1986230 Lbs6 ft210No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Martin St. LouisQUEC/LW/RW406/17/1975180 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,000,000
Mat ClarkUSAD2410/16/1990213 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Matt LindbladUSALW253/22/1990193 Lbs5 ft1146No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Michael KostkaONTD2911/27/1985210 Lbs6 ft128No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Michal RozsivalCZED379/2/1978212 Lbs6 ft199No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Mike BrownUSALW/RW306/23/1985202 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike SgarbossaONTC237/24/1992175 Lbs5 ft1130No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Mikko KoivuFINC323/11/1983222 Lbs6 ft356No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Milan LucicBCLW276/6/1988235 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Nick CousinsONTC227/19/1993169 Lbs5 ft1014No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$811,667$811,667
Nikita ZadorovRUSD204/15/1995221 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Oliver LauridsenDEND263/23/1989220 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Patrick HollandABC/RW231/6/1992185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Paul PostmaABD262/21/1989195 Lbs6 ft3119No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Phil KesselUSARW2810/1/1987202 Lbs6 ft033No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,750,000
Scott MayfieldUSAD2210/13/1992209 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Seth GriffithONTRW221/3/1993185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$759,167$759,167
Steve EmingerONTD3110/30/1983207 Lbs6 ft213No1 year Farm OnlyNo$675,000
Stu BickelUSARW/D2910/1/1986210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Taylor PetersBCC231/23/1992210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$725,000
Trevor GilliesONTLW361/29/1979231 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Tuukka RaskFING283/9/1987185 Lbs6 ft25No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Valeri NichushkinRUSRW203/3/1995205 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5026.6201 Lbs6 ft 12.22 years$1,817,000 4901

Pittsburgh Penguins

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ClendeningUSAD2210/25/1992187 Lbs5 ft1110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Adam McQuaidPEID2810/11/1986209 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Alex GrantNSD261/19/1989205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Alexandre CarrierQUED1810/8/1996168 Lbs5 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Anders LeeUSAC/LW257/2/1990225 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Andrew HammondBCG2710/2/1988216 Lbs6 ft149No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Anton LanderSWEC/LW244/23/1991185 Lbs6 ft021No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
B.J. CrombeenUSALW/RW307/9/1985209 Lbs6 ft219No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Ben StreetBCC282/12/1987185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Blake ComeauSKWLW/RW292/17/1986202 Lbs6 ft113No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Brandon SaadUSALW/RW2210/26/1992202 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$5,750,000$6,250,000$6,750,000$6,750,000
Brenden DillonBCD2411/12/1990228 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,750,000$3,400,000$3,900,000$3,900,000
Brian LashoffUSAD257/15/1990212 Lbs6 ft313No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brian StraitUSAD271/3/1988205 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Chad JohnsonABG296/10/1986205 Lbs6 ft34No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Chris ButlerUSAD2810/27/1986196 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Chris KellyONTC/LW3411/11/1980198 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,100,000
Chris PhillipsABD373/9/1978220 Lbs6 ft310No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Chris ThorburnONTLW/RW326/3/1983230 Lbs6 ft310No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Colin WilsonUSALW/RW2510/20/1989216 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Daniel WinnikONTC/LW/RW303/6/1985207 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Derek MacKenzieONTC/LW346/11/1981181 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,800,000
Dillon FournierQUED216/15/1994173 Lbs6 ft230No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$717,500$767,500
Freddie HamiltonONTC/RW231/1/1992195 Lbs6 ft183No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Frederick GaudreauQUEC225/1/1993179 Lbs6 ft04No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Garret RossUSALW235/26/1992180 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
James ReimerMANG273/15/1988208 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jay McClementONTC323/2/1983205 Lbs6 ft111No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Joe VitaleUSAC/RW308/20/1985205 Lbs5 ft110No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000$900,000$900,000
Joel WardONTRW3412/2/1980226 Lbs6 ft19No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Josh LeivoONTLW225/26/1993173 Lbs6 ft115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$792,500$792,500
Justin FalkMAND2610/11/1988215 Lbs6 ft511No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Kevan MillerUSAD2711/15/1987201 Lbs6 ft220No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Landon FerraroBCC248/8/1991174 Lbs6 ft060No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mark FraserONTD299/28/1986220 Lbs6 ft4103No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Mark GiordanoONTD3210/2/1983200 Lbs6 ft084No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Matt NietoUSALW/RW2211/4/1992190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$792,500
Matthew FordUSARW3010/8/1984207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike SantorelliBCRW2912/14/1985189 Lbs6 ft014No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000
Reid PetrykABC/RW222/2/1993209 Lbs6 ft28No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Robert BortuzzoONTD263/17/1989215 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Ryan HorvatONTC/LW229/2/1993196 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Scott MunroeSKWG331/19/1982195 Lbs6 ft290No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Slava VoynovRUSD251/14/1990194 Lbs6 ft015No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Taylor HallABLW2311/13/1991201 Lbs6 ft113No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Thomas VanekAUSLW/RW311/18/1984205 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,200,000$6,200,000$6,200,000$6,200,000
Tim SestitoUSAC/LW318/27/1984195 Lbs5 ft119No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Tyler BozakSKWC293/18/1986195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,800,000$5,800,000
Yann DanisQUEG346/20/1981185 Lbs6 ft0106No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Yanni GourdeQUELW2312/14/1991157 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5027.1200 Lbs6 ft 12.08 years$1,564,106 5000

San Jose Sharks

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam CracknellSKWC/LW/RW307/14/1985210 Lbs6 ft235No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Alex KillornNSLW269/13/1989205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$675,000$675,000
Alexander SteenMANC/LW312/29/1984212 Lbs5 ft1110No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Anthony PetersONTG2412/31/1990170 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Artem AnisimovRUSC275/23/1988200 Lbs6 ft44No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,800,000
Benn FerrieroUSARW284/28/1987195 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyNo$675,000
Bobby SanguinettiUSAD272/28/1988190 Lbs6 ft37No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brandon DubinskyUSAC/LW294/28/1986216 Lbs6 ft16No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Brandon MacLeanONTC289/4/1987181 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brandon McMillanBCC/LW/RW253/21/1990190 Lbs5 ft1151No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$700,000$700,000
Brendan WoodsSKWC/LW236/10/1992190 Lbs6 ft360No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brett KulakABD215/1/1994181 Lbs6 ft127No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brian DumoulinUSAD249/5/1991219 Lbs6 ft411No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Chris CastoUSAD2312/27/1991200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Dane WaltersUSAC/LW/RW263/20/1989198 Lbs6 ft070No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Darcy KuemperSKWG255/5/1990207 Lbs6 ft533No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Darcy ZajacMANC/RW299/23/1986200 Lbs6 ft18No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
David RundbladSWED2410/8/1990195 Lbs6 ft24No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
David Van Der GulikBCLW/RW324/20/1983173 Lbs5 ft1078No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Devin ShoreONTC217/19/1994185 Lbs6 ft128No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$817,500$867,500$925,000
Dustin GazleyUSALW/RW2710/3/1988154 Lbs5 ft929No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Filip ForsbergSWELW/RW218/13/1994186 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmYes$675,000
Greger HansonSWEC/LW/RW272/17/1988185 Lbs5 ft106No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Griffin ReinhartBCD211/24/1994205 Lbs6 ft476No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Igor BobkovRUSG241/2/1991216 Lbs6 ft531No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jan HejdaCZED376/18/1978237 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,500,000
Jaromir JagrCZERW432/15/1972240 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Jason AkesonONTRW256/3/1990190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,080,000
Jonathan ToewsMANC274/29/1988208 Lbs6 ft215No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Kevin GoumasUSAC/LW/RW2311/19/1991160 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Linden VeySKWC247/17/1991183 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$900,000$900,000
Ludwig BystromSWED217/20/1994194 Lbs6 ft03No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Marc HagelONTC/LW/RW279/12/1988196 Lbs6 ft020No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Niklas HjalmarssonSWED286/5/1987207 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,000,000
Oliver Ekman-LarssonSWED247/16/1991190 Lbs6 ft222No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Olli MaattaFIND218/21/1994206 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$894,167$894,167
Patrick WierciochBCD259/11/1990206 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Paul CareyUSALW279/25/1988175 Lbs6 ft023No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Pavel DatsyukRUSC/LW/RW377/19/1978198 Lbs5 ft1158No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Ryan CraigBCC/LW331/5/1982215 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ryan KeslerUSAC318/30/1984202 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,000,000
Scott LaughtonONTC215/29/1994177 Lbs6 ft131No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$832,500$832,500
Simon DespresQUED247/26/1991214 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Steve MasonONTG275/28/1988217 Lbs6 ft43No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,500,000
Travis HamonicMAND258/15/1990209 Lbs6 ft215No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,700,000$3,700,000$3,700,000
Valtteri FilppulaFINC/LW313/19/1984195 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Viktor SvedbergSWED245/23/1991223 Lbs6 ft913No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Willie MitchellBCD384/22/1977210 Lbs6 ft311No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4826.8198 Lbs6 ft 21.90 years$1,863,281 4701

St. Louis Blues

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andre BenoitONTD311/5/1984191 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$800,000
Andrew CoglianoONTC/LW/RW286/13/1987181 Lbs5 ft1021No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Anton ForsbergSWEG2211/26/1992176 Lbs6 ft2105No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Barret JackmanBCD343/4/1981203 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$4,500,000$3,500,000$3,000,000
Benoit PouliotONTC/LW299/28/1986197 Lbs6 ft318No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Brent RegnerABD265/16/1989189 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Farm OnlyNo$675,000
Bryan AllenONTD358/21/1980224 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Calle JarnkrokSWEC249/25/1991156 Lbs5 ft1118No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$715,000$715,000
Carlo ColaiacovoONTD321/27/1983200 Lbs6 ft140No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Casey CizikasONTC242/27/1991189 Lbs5 ft1129No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,450,000$1,750,000
Chris WidemanUSAD251/7/1990170 Lbs5 ft1012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Cody McCormickONTC/LW/RW324/18/1983224 Lbs6 ft248No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Devante Smith-PellyONTC/LW/RW236/14/1992225 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Dustin JeffreyONTC/LW272/27/1988205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Grant ClitsomeONTD304/14/1985215 Lbs5 ft1113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Jakob SilfverbergSWELW/RW2410/13/1990200 Lbs6 ft139No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Jamie McGinnONTLW/RW278/5/1988210 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000
Jarret StollSKWC336/24/1982212 Lbs6 ft113No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Jason ChimeraABLW365/2/1979213 Lbs6 ft36No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,000,000$3,500,000
Jay HarrisonONTD3211/3/1982211 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Jim SlaterUSAC3212/9/1982200 Lbs6 ft0134No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Joel EdmundsonMAND226/28/1993190 Lbs6 ft516No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$742,500$742,500
John AlbertUSAC261/19/1989190 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Justin DowlingABC2510/1/1990183 Lbs5 ft1013No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000$675,000
Karri RamoFING297/1/1986215 Lbs6 ft39No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,800,000$4,700,000$5,500,000$6,000,000$7,000,000
Kyle CliffordONTLW241/13/1991209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,300,000
Leon DraisaitlGERC/LW1910/27/1995204 Lbs6 ft2137No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Mark StoneMANRW235/12/1992205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Martin EratCZELW/RW348/28/1981196 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$3,750,000
Michael MerschUSALW231/10/1992198 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$786,667$786,667$786,667
Mika ZibanejadSWEC/LW/RW224/16/1993211 Lbs6 ft234No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Nic KerdilesUSALW2110/1/1994192 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Nick JensenUSAD259/20/1990187 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Niklas BackstromFING372/12/1978197 Lbs6 ft23No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Patrick MullenUSAD295/5/1986184 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Paul StastnyQUEC2912/26/1985205 Lbs6 ft06No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,600,000$6,000,000$5,500,000$5,000,000$4,500,000
Paul ThompsonUSARW2611/29/1988198 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Peter BudajSVKG339/17/1982192 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$750,000$750,000$750,000
Reto BerraSWIG281/2/1987194 Lbs6 ft419No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$950,000$1,500,000$2,000,000
Ryan WhiteMANC/LW/RW273/16/1988201 Lbs6 ft01No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Ryan WilsonONTD282/2/1987207 Lbs6 ft151No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Scott HannanBCD361/22/1979215 Lbs6 ft170No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Stephen GiontaUSAC/RW3110/8/1983185 Lbs5 ft74No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Steven DelisleQUED257/29/1990234 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Farm OnlyNo$675,000
Taylor BeckONTLW/RW245/12/1991203 Lbs6 ft252No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Tim ErixonUSAD242/23/1991190 Lbs6 ft251No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Tye McGinnONTLW/RW257/28/1990205 Lbs6 ft218No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Tyler EnnisABC/LW/RW2610/5/1989169 Lbs5 ft90No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Tyler KennedyONTLW/RW297/14/1986185 Lbs5 ft1133No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Vincent LecavalierQUEC/LW/RW354/20/1980215 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
5027.8199 Lbs6 ft 12.62 years$1,787,383 4802

Tampa Bay Lightning

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam BurishUSAC/LW/RW321/5/1983195 Lbs6 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Alex GuptillONTLW233/4/1992175 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$840,000
Alex StalockUSAG287/27/1987190 Lbs6 ft0118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Andy GreeneUSAD3210/29/1982190 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Anthony BitettoUSAD257/14/1990210 Lbs6 ft145No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Anthony CamaraONTLW229/3/1993194 Lbs6 ft012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$817,500$817,500
Antoine BibeauQUEG214/30/1994207 Lbs6 ft32No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brandon PrustONTC/LW/RW313/15/1984194 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,880,000$2,880,000
Brandon SutterUSAC262/13/1989190 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,300,000$4,300,000$4,300,000$4,300,000
Bryce SalvadorMAND392/11/1976215 Lbs6 ft322No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
C.J. StretchUSAC268/3/1989176 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor BrickleyUSAC232/25/1992190 Lbs6 ft023No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Connor CarrickUSAD214/13/1994185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Dallas JacksonABD263/31/1989187 Lbs6 ft228No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Dana TyrellABC/LW/RW264/23/1989192 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Darren KramerABLW2311/19/1991202 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Dave BollandONTC296/5/1986184 Lbs6 ft0114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
David LegwandUSAC/LW358/17/1980205 Lbs6 ft26No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,175,000$5,175,000
David SchlemkoABD285/7/1987190 Lbs6 ft121No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Eric KnodelUSAD256/8/1990216 Lbs6 ft646No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$690,000$690,000
Garrett MeursONTC/RW231/12/1992169 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Iiro PakarinenFINRW248/25/1991215 Lbs6 ft137No1 year Pro & FarmNo$842,500
Jack HillenUSAD291/24/1986190 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Jamie DevaneONTLW242/20/1991217 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jesper FastSWELW/RW2312/2/1991165 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Jonathan HuberdeauQUEC/LW226/4/1993171 Lbs6 ft118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Kenny RyanUSARW247/10/1991209 Lbs6 ft04No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Kent SimpsonABG233/26/1992185 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Konrad AbeltshauserGERD239/2/1992225 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Kris RussellABD285/2/1987173 Lbs5 ft100No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Mackenzie WeegarONTD211/7/1994183 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Martin GernatSVKD224/10/1993187 Lbs6 ft538No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Mikael BacklundSWEC263/16/1989198 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,575,000$3,575,000$3,575,000
Mike SmithONTG333/21/1982215 Lbs6 ft43No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Nick DrazenovicBCC281/13/1987192 Lbs6 ft028No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nikolay KuleminRUSLW/RW297/13/1986225 Lbs6 ft117No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,800,000
Petteri LindbohmFIND229/22/1993209 Lbs6 ft366No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Reid BoucherUSALW/RW229/7/1993195 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Robert HaggSWED202/7/1995204 Lbs6 ft220No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Sam CarrickONTC232/3/1992188 Lbs6 ft024No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Scott WedgewoodONTG238/13/1992190 Lbs6 ft141No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Scottie UpshallABLW/RW3210/6/1983200 Lbs6 ft03No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Sean BergenheimFINLW/RW312/7/1984201 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Spencer AbbottONTRW274/29/1988170 Lbs5 ft912No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tyler BiggsUSARW224/29/1993205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tyson StrachanSKWD3010/29/1984215 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Zach BudishUSARW245/8/1991223 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Zbynek MichalekCZED3212/22/1982210 Lbs6 ft25No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4826.1196 Lbs6 ft 12.00 years$1,385,833 4800

Toronto Maple Leafs

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron EkbladONTD192/6/1996216 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Adam LowryUSAC/LW223/28/1993187 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$828,333$828,333
Aleksander BarkovFINC209/1/1995213 Lbs6 ft314No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$950,000$950,000
Brendan MikkelsonSKWD286/22/1987210 Lbs6 ft310No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Brent BurnsONTRW/D303/8/1985230 Lbs6 ft512No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,800,000$4,800,000$4,800,000$4,800,000
Brett SutterABC/LW286/1/1987200 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Brooks OrpikUSAD359/26/1980219 Lbs6 ft21No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,750,000
Claude GirouxONTC271/12/1988172 Lbs5 ft1115No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,100,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Corban KnightBCC259/10/1990180 Lbs6 ft128No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Dan KellyUSAD265/17/1989195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Darroll PoweSKWC/LW/RW306/22/1985212 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Dillon SimpsonABD222/10/1993192 Lbs6 ft165No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$836,667$836,667$836,667
Drew BagnallMAND3110/26/1983220 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$650,000
Drew DoughtyONTD2512/8/1989208 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Drew ShoreUSAC/RW241/29/1991200 Lbs6 ft315No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Frans NielsenDENC314/24/1984180 Lbs6 ft16No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,900,000$2,900,000$2,900,000
Jacob De La RoseSWEC/LW205/20/1995190 Lbs6 ft234No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Jaden SchwartzSKWLW/RW236/25/1992190 Lbs5 ft100No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Jake AllenNBG258/7/1990195 Lbs6 ft279No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jamie BennBCLW267/18/1989205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,500,000
Jerome LeducQUED237/30/1992196 Lbs6 ft222No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Joey MacDonaldNSG352/7/1980197 Lbs6 ft010No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Johan FranzenSWEC/LW/RW3512/23/1979223 Lbs6 ft336No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Johan GustafssonSWEG232/28/1992206 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
John CarlsonUSAD251/10/1990212 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,150,000$4,150,000$4,150,000$4,150,000
Jonathan BernierQUEG278/7/1988186 Lbs5 ft113No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jonathan DrouinQUEC/LW/RW203/28/1995186 Lbs5 ft1154No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$832,500
Justin AbdelkaderUSALW/RW282/25/1987219 Lbs6 ft116No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,600,000$3,600,000$3,600,000$3,600,000$3,600,000
Kris NewburyONTC/LW/RW332/19/1982205 Lbs5 ft1111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Leo KomarovFINLW/RW281/23/1987187 Lbs5 ft1074No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,300,000$1,300,000
Luke GlendeningUSARW264/28/1989200 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$775,000$775,000
Mark AltUSAD2310/18/1991201 Lbs6 ft47No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$781,667$781,667
Martin BrodeurQUEG435/5/1972220 Lbs6 ft294No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nathan MacKinnonNSC/RW208/31/1995182 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$925,000$925,000
Nick ShoreUSAC239/25/1992184 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Peter HarroldUSAD326/7/1983185 Lbs6 ft01No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Petter GranbergSWED238/26/1992200 Lbs6 ft338No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ryan HartmanUSARW219/19/1994181 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$832,500$832,500
Scott DarlingUSAG2612/21/1988190 Lbs6 ft696No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Stephane RobidasQUED383/2/1977190 Lbs5 ft116No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$670,000$670,000
Steven StamkosONTC/RW252/6/1990190 Lbs6 ft029No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$8,000,000$8,000,000$8,000,000
Tim KennedyUSAC/LW294/29/1986175 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Tom WilsonONTRW213/28/1994210 Lbs6 ft422No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Trevor SmithONTC/LW302/7/1985195 Lbs6 ft165No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ty RattieABRW222/4/1993178 Lbs6 ft03No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$772,500$772,500
Tyler JohnsonUSAC/RW257/28/1990182 Lbs5 ft921No1 year Pro & FarmYes$925,000
Victor HedmanSWED2412/17/1990233 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,200,000$4,200,000$4,200,000
Viktor LoovSWED2211/15/1992187 Lbs6 ft120No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000$800,000
Zdeno CharaSVKD383/17/1977255 Lbs6 ft911No1 year Pro & FarmYes$9,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4926.6199 Lbs6 ft 12.16 years$1,812,982 4900

Vancouver Canucks

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Anthony StolarzUSAG211/19/1994200 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$753,333$753,333$753,333
Anton StralmanSWED297/31/1986190 Lbs5 ft1114No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Beau BennettUSALW/RW2311/26/1991195 Lbs6 ft232No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Boyd GordonSKWC3110/18/1983202 Lbs6 ft00No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000$1,750,000
Brandon BolligUSALW281/30/1987223 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Brendan LeipsicMANC/LW215/18/1994165 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Carl SoderbergSWEC/LW/RW2912/10/1985216 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Chris KreiderUSALW244/30/1991226 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Chris PorterONTLW315/29/1984206 Lbs6 ft12No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Chris VandeVeldeUSAC/LW/RW283/15/1987190 Lbs6 ft235No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
David PerronQUELW/RW275/28/1988198 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Deryk EngellandABRW/D334/3/1982215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Eddie LackSWEG271/5/1988187 Lbs6 ft43No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Erik KarlssonSWED255/31/1990175 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Hampus LindholmSWED211/20/1994199 Lbs6 ft315No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Harry ZolnierczykONTLW289/1/1987175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
J.T. BrownUSALW/RW257/2/1990170 Lbs5 ft1015No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$875,000$875,000
Jakub VoracekCZELW/RW268/15/1989214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Jared BollUSARW295/13/1986219 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jason LaBarberaBCG351/18/1980234 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Joe PiskulaUSAD317/5/1984208 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
John ScottABLW/D339/26/1982270 Lbs6 ft868No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Jon LandryQUED325/1/1983220 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jonathon BlumUSAD261/30/1989190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,450,000
Jori LehteraFINC2712/23/1987191 Lbs6 ft26No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Kris LetangQUED284/24/1987201 Lbs6 ft012No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Lance BoumaABC/LW253/25/1990210 Lbs6 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Malcolm SubbanONTG2112/21/1993195 Lbs6 ft13No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Mathieu PerreaultQUEC/LW271/4/1988185 Lbs5 ft102No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Maxime FortunusQUED327/27/1983202 Lbs5 ft117No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Mike WeaverONTD375/1/1978183 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Mikkel BoedkerDENLW/RW2512/15/1989211 Lbs6 ft012No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Nate ProsserUSAD295/6/1986203 Lbs6 ft245No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Patrick KaneUSARW2611/18/1988181 Lbs5 ft1113No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Patrick SharpMANLW/RW3312/26/1981199 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,900,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Pierre-Edouard BellemareFRAC/LW/RW303/5/1985198 Lbs6 ft018No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Ryan PulockMAND2110/5/1994211 Lbs6 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Ryan RupertONTC216/1/1994186 Lbs5 ft80No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Sami VatanenFIND246/2/1991183 Lbs5 ft1037No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Sean MonahanONTC2010/11/1994187 Lbs6 ft223No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Sergei BobrovskyRUSG279/19/1988190 Lbs6 ft26No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Shawn ThorntonONTRW387/22/1977217 Lbs6 ft224No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Steven KampferUSAD279/23/1988194 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Steven PinizzottoONTRW314/25/1984200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Tanner GlassSKWRW3111/28/1983210 Lbs6 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Torrey MitchellQUEC/LW/RW301/3/1985190 Lbs5 ft1112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Travis MorinUSAC311/8/1984195 Lbs6 ft121No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Vladimir TarasenkoRUSRW2312/12/1991219 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Zac RinaldoONTLW/RW256/14/1990169 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4927.6200 Lbs6 ft 12.06 years$1,789,626 4900

Washington Capitals

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex BoakUSAD269/29/1989214 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Alexander SeminRUSRW313/2/1984209 Lbs6 ft256No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Andrew DesjardinsONTC/LW/RW297/26/1986195 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Austin MadaiskyBCD231/29/1992185 Lbs6 ft282No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brandon MashinterONTLW279/19/1988220 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brayden McNabbSKWD241/20/1991205 Lbs6 ft46No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Brett ConnollyBCC/LW/RW235/1/1992181 Lbs6 ft225No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,025,000
Brett FlemmingSKWD242/25/1991189 Lbs5 ft1118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brett GallantPEILW2612/27/1988190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
C.J. LudwigUSAD256/8/1990194 Lbs6 ft017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Cam JanssenUSARW314/15/1984215 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Colton ParaykoABD225/12/1993218 Lbs6 ft587No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Colton SissonsBCC/RW2111/5/1993187 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Connor MurphyUSAD223/26/1993190 Lbs6 ft310No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Dalton ProutONTD253/13/1990222 Lbs6 ft38No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,075,000$1,075,000
David JonesONTRW318/10/1984210 Lbs6 ft28No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Eric GelinasONTD245/8/1991210 Lbs6 ft416No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,575,000$1,575,000
Gemel SmithONTC/LW214/16/1994164 Lbs5 ft1054No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Greg NemiszONTRW255/6/1990197 Lbs6 ft35No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Gus YoungUSAD247/10/1991190 Lbs6 ft260No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jhonas EnrothSWEG276/25/1988166 Lbs5 ft1035No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Joe MorrowABD2212/9/1992204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Justin AugerONTRW215/14/1994216 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000$675,000
Justin ShuggONTLW2312/24/1991194 Lbs5 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Keith SeabrookBCD278/2/1988198 Lbs6 ft048No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Kevin CzuczmanONTD241/9/1991205 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Kristers GudlevskisLATG237/31/1992189 Lbs6 ft33No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000
Marek MazanecCZEG247/18/1991187 Lbs6 ft45No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Michael HutchinsonONTG253/1/1990202 Lbs6 ft3135No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Michael RyderNFLRW353/30/1980200 Lbs6 ft15No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,800,000
Mitch MorozABLW215/2/1994208 Lbs6 ft255No1 year Pro & FarmNo$777,777
Nic DowdUSAC255/26/1990175 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Philip SamuelssonSWED247/25/1991194 Lbs6 ft210No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Richard CluneONTLW284/24/1987207 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Ryan SproulONTD221/12/1993185 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000
Scott WilsonONTC/LW234/23/1992184 Lbs5 ft1124No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Shane PrinceUSAC/LW2211/15/1992190 Lbs5 ft1118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Spencer AsuchakBCC/LW2211/22/1992231 Lbs6 ft59No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Stanislav GalievRUSRW231/16/1992187 Lbs6 ft218No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Steven HodgesNWTC215/4/1994178 Lbs5 ft1149No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$685,000$685,000$685,000
Tanner PearsonONTLW/RW238/9/1992200 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Thomas LarkinENGD2412/30/1990206 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tom KuhnhacklGERLW/RW231/20/1992172 Lbs6 ft216No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tomas HertlCZEC/LW2111/11/1993200 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Troy BourkeABLW213/29/1994156 Lbs5 ft1010No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Tyler BrownONTC/LW252/6/1990185 Lbs6 ft143No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Viktor FasthSWEG338/7/1982185 Lbs6 ft071No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$8,000,000
Wacey HamiltonABC/RW259/9/1990180 Lbs5 ft1157No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Zach RedmondUSAD277/25/1988205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4924.7195 Lbs6 ft 21.55 years$1,324,297 4900

Winnipeg Jets

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alden HirschfeldUSAC271/26/1988205 Lbs6 ft128No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Alex BiegaQUED274/3/1988187 Lbs5 ft1011No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Alex ChiassonQUERW259/30/1990205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex GalchenyukUSAC/LW/RW212/11/1994203 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Andrew JohnstonSKWLW247/5/1991178 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Brian McGrattanONTRW349/1/1981235 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Chad LaRoseUSALW/RW333/27/1982181 Lbs5 ft1063No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Cody GoloubefONTD2511/30/1989190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Corey TroppUSALW/RW267/25/1989185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Dan HamhuisBCD3212/13/1982209 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Daniel SedinSWELW359/26/1980187 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
David SavardQUED2410/22/1990219 Lbs6 ft24No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Derek HulakSKWLW269/2/1989179 Lbs6 ft0115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Duncan KeithMAND327/16/1983200 Lbs6 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Erik CondraUSALW/RW298/6/1986189 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Frederic St. DenisQUED291/23/1986192 Lbs5 ft1133No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Frederik AndersenDENG2610/2/1989250 Lbs6 ft33No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Greg ZanonBCD356/5/1980201 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Henrik SedinSWEC359/26/1980188 Lbs6 ft250No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,850,000$6,850,000$6,850,000$6,850,000
James van RiemsdykUSALW265/4/1989200 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,750,000$5,250,000
Jared SpurgeonABD2511/29/1989185 Lbs5 ft920No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Jason DemersQUED276/9/1988195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Jean-Francois BerubeQUEG247/13/1991174 Lbs6 ft164No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Jeff HogganBCLW372/1/1978193 Lbs6 ft16No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
John PerssonSWELW235/18/1992209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Jordan SchroederUSAC/RW259/29/1990175 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Kerby RychelUSALW2010/7/1994205 Lbs6 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Kevin BieksaONTD346/16/1981198 Lbs6 ft14No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Lukas SedlakCZEC222/25/1993198 Lbs6 ft05No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Mac BennettUSAD243/25/1991182 Lbs6 ft034No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$690,000$690,000
Marcus KrugerSWEC/LW/RW255/27/1990181 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Mark StreitSWID3712/10/1977191 Lbs5 ft117No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Matt ReadONTLW/RW296/13/1986185 Lbs5 ft1088No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,400,000
Michael LattaONTC245/24/1991209 Lbs6 ft026No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nick D'AgostinoONTD256/23/1990197 Lbs6 ft238No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Nick PetreckiUSAD267/10/1989225 Lbs6 ft311No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Nicklas JensenDENLW/RW223/5/1993202 Lbs6 ft355No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Nikita NesterovRUSD223/27/1993183 Lbs6 ft013No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$742,500$742,500
Pat CannoneUSAC298/8/1986192 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Patrice BergeronQUEC307/23/1985194 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Peter AnderssonSWED244/12/1991194 Lbs6 ft317No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Richard BachmanUSAG287/24/1987176 Lbs5 ft1011No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Rob FlickONTC243/27/1991208 Lbs6 ft317No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$675,000$675,000
Ryan MillerUSAG357/16/1980175 Lbs6 ft23No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$3,000,000
Sean BackmanUSARW294/28/1986170 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Sebastian WannstromSWEC/LW/RW243/2/1991180 Lbs6 ft136No1 year Pro & FarmNo$675,000
Yann SauveQUED252/17/1990209 Lbs6 ft34No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Zack StortiniONTRW309/10/1985230 Lbs6 ft46No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827.5196 Lbs6 ft 11.79 years$1,784,809 4800