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Team Records

Most Goals in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Toronto Maple Leafs20155289Game Direct Link
2Calgary Flames2015878Game Direct Link
3Chicago Blackhawks20156488Game Direct Link
4Toronto Maple Leafs20158958Game Direct Link
5Carolina Hurricanes2015707Game Direct Link
6Colorado Avalanche20151157Game Direct Link
7Anaheim Ducks20151417Game Direct Link
8New York Rangers20151467Game Direct Link
9Columbus Blue Jackets20152547Game Direct Link
10Buffalo Sabres20153087Game Direct Link
Most Goals in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New Jersey Devils2015290
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015284
3Carolina Hurricanes2015284
4Vancouver Canucks2015272
5New York Rangers2015267
6Colorado Avalanche2015267
7Calgary Flames2015265
8Montreal Canadiens2015264
9Arizona Coyotes2015244
10Boston Bruins2015238
Most Goals Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Washington Capitals2015316
2Edmonton Oilers2015287
3New York Islanders2015278
4Los Angeles Kings2015278
5Tampa Bay Lightning2015277
6Buffalo Sabres2015265
7Florida Panthers2015261
8Ottawa Senators2015257
9Montreal Canadiens2015249
10Philadelphia Flyers2015236
Most Assists in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Toronto Maple Leafs201552815Game Direct Link
2Chicago Blackhawks201564815Game Direct Link
3Carolina Hurricanes20157014Game Direct Link
4Calgary Flames20158714Game Direct Link
5Buffalo Sabres201530814Game Direct Link
6Chicago Blackhawks201547314Game Direct Link
7Winnipeg Jets201583314Game Direct Link
8Minnesota Wild201588414Game Direct Link
9Arizona Coyotes201589714Game Direct Link
10Vancouver Canucks2015107514Game Direct Link
Most Assists in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New Jersey Devils2015508
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015506
3Carolina Hurricanes2015494
4Vancouver Canucks2015490
5Colorado Avalanche2015477
6New York Rangers2015469
7Chicago Blackhawks2015466
8Montreal Canadiens2015464
9Arizona Coyotes2015437
10Boston Bruins2015425
Most Game Points in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Toronto Maple Leafs201552824Game Direct Link
2Chicago Blackhawks201564823Game Direct Link
3Calgary Flames20158722Game Direct Link
4Carolina Hurricanes20157021Game Direct Link
5Buffalo Sabres201530821Game Direct Link
6Chicago Blackhawks201547321Game Direct Link
7Winnipeg Jets201583321Game Direct Link
8Minnesota Wild201588421Game Direct Link
9Toronto Maple Leafs201589521Game Direct Link
10Arizona Coyotes201589721Game Direct Link
Most Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New Jersey Devils2015798
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015790
3Carolina Hurricanes2015778
4Vancouver Canucks2015762
5Colorado Avalanche2015744
6New York Rangers2015736
7Calgary Flames2015729
8Montreal Canadiens2015728
9Arizona Coyotes2015681
10Boston Bruins2015663
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New York Islanders201560169Game Direct Link
2Buffalo Sabres201551764Game Direct Link
3Arizona Coyotes2015117763Game Direct Link
4Anaheim Ducks201570462Game Direct Link
5Calgary Flames201553461Game Direct Link
6Calgary Flames2015100361Game Direct Link
7New York Rangers2015120461Game Direct Link
8St. Louis Blues20154460Game Direct Link
9San Jose Sharks2015111160Game Direct Link
10Carolina Hurricanes201530458Game Direct Link
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Carolina Hurricanes20153163
2New York Rangers20153133
3Toronto Maple Leafs20152967
4San Jose Sharks20152931
5Boston Bruins20152929
6Vancouver Canucks20152920
7New Jersey Devils20152895
8Arizona Coyotes20152802
9Montreal Canadiens20152689
10Ottawa Senators20152636
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Washington Capitals201527625Game Direct Link
2Tampa Bay Lightning201523524Game Direct Link
3Nashville Predators201557524Game Direct Link
4Tampa Bay Lightning201595923Game Direct Link
5Philadelphia Flyers2015116823Game Direct Link
6Ottawa Senators2015622Game Direct Link
7New York Rangers201542022Game Direct Link
8Columbus Blue Jackets201554422Game Direct Link
9Washington Capitals201570422Game Direct Link
10Chicago Blackhawks201578422Game Direct Link
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Washington Capitals20151016
2Florida Panthers2015887
3Edmonton Oilers2015853
4Los Angeles Kings2015838
5Nashville Predators2015835
6Montreal Canadiens2015830
7New York Islanders2015828
8Ottawa Senators2015820
9Pittsburgh Penguins2015806
10New Jersey Devils2015801
Most Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Washington Capitals20153378
2Florida Panthers20152943
3Edmonton Oilers20152918
4Los Angeles Kings20152910
5New York Islanders20152894
6Nashville Predators20152890
7Montreal Canadiens20152836
8Pittsburgh Penguins20152817
9Tampa Bay Lightning20152754
10Ottawa Senators20152722
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New York Rangers201583964Game Direct Link
2Arizona Coyotes201586764Game Direct Link
3Vancouver Canucks201587364Game Direct Link
4Minnesota Wild201584662Game Direct Link
5Chicago Blackhawks201585558Game Direct Link
6Florida Panthers201584256Game Direct Link
7Carolina Hurricanes201552051Game Direct Link
8Los Angeles Kings201515639Game Direct Link
9Pittsburgh Penguins201546539Game Direct Link
10Pittsburgh Penguins201548738Game Direct Link
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Washington Capitals20151177
2Pittsburgh Penguins20151034
3Florida Panthers2015937
4New York Rangers2015887
5Philadelphia Flyers2015885
6Montreal Canadiens2015881
7Arizona Coyotes2015871
8Ottawa Senators2015859
9New York Islanders2015828
10New Jersey Devils2015822
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Calgary Flames201585738Game Direct Link
2Washington Capitals201589038Game Direct Link
3Washington Capitals201591738Game Direct Link
4Dallas Stars201511337Game Direct Link
5Washington Capitals201581337Game Direct Link
6New York Rangers201585537Game Direct Link
7Columbus Blue Jackets2015101337Game Direct Link
8Washington Capitals2015116537Game Direct Link
9Washington Capitals201522036Game Direct Link
10Winnipeg Jets201548236Game Direct Link
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Washington Capitals20152074
2Edmonton Oilers20151824
3Dallas Stars20151797
4Nashville Predators20151790
5Pittsburgh Penguins20151788
6Columbus Blue Jackets20151787
7Ottawa Senators20151759
8New York Islanders20151750
9Florida Panthers20151738
10Carolina Hurricanes20151726
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Nashville Predators20159
2Ottawa Senators20158
3Los Angeles Kings20157
4Philadelphia Flyers20156
5Boston Bruins20156
6Florida Panthers20155
7Pittsburgh Penguins20154
8Carolina Hurricanes20154
9New York Islanders20153
10Toronto Maple Leafs20152
Best PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Colorado Avalanche201524.70%
2Carolina Hurricanes201523.40%
3Chicago Blackhawks201520.80%
4Buffalo Sabres201520.80%
5Boston Bruins201520.70%
6Montreal Canadiens201520.60%
7Calgary Flames201520.20%
8Philadelphia Flyers201519.20%
9New Jersey Devils201518.20%
10Pittsburgh Penguins201517.80%
Best PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Arizona Coyotes201586.80%
2Calgary Flames201586.50%
3Pittsburgh Penguins201584.90%
4Boston Bruins201584.70%
5Colorado Avalanche201584.40%
6Toronto Maple Leafs201583.70%
7Carolina Hurricanes201583.60%
8New Jersey Devils201583.50%
9Ottawa Senators201581.90%
10Philadelphia Flyers201581.80%
Most Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New Jersey Devils201559
2Toronto Maple Leafs201558
3Vancouver Canucks201556
4Carolina Hurricanes201554
5New York Rangers201552
6Arizona Coyotes201552
7Boston Bruins201545
8Montreal Canadiens201545
9Pittsburgh Penguins201543
10Philadelphia Flyers201539
Most Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Los Angeles Kings201561
2Washington Capitals201560
3Dallas Stars201556
4Florida Panthers201554
5Tampa Bay Lightning201552
6Columbus Blue Jackets201550
7Edmonton Oilers201550
8New York Islanders201549
9Ottawa Senators201547
10Philadelphia Flyers201543
Most Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New Jersey Devils2015161
2Toronto Maple Leafs2015160
3Vancouver Canucks2015160
4Carolina Hurricanes2015147
5New York Rangers2015146
6Arizona Coyotes2015144
7Boston Bruins2015128
8Montreal Canadiens2015124
9Pittsburgh Penguins2015123
10Philadelphia Flyers2015107
Most Win Home In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1New Jersey Devils201525
2Toronto Maple Leafs201525
3Boston Bruins201525
4San Jose Sharks201525
5Arizona Coyotes201524
6Carolina Hurricanes201524
7New York Rangers201522
8Pittsburgh Penguins201519
9Philadelphia Flyers201518
10Ottawa Senators201514
Team Most Win Visitor In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Vancouver Canucks201526
2Toronto Maple Leafs201523
3Chicago Blackhawks201522
4Colorado Avalanche201522
5New Jersey Devils201521
6New York Rangers201521
7Carolina Hurricanes201521
8Pittsburgh Penguins201520
9Arizona Coyotes201520
10Montreal Canadiens201518

Players Records

Most Ice Time In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Shea WeberOttawa Senators201545131:04Game Direct Link
2Ryan SuterChicago Blackhawks201529130:07Game Direct Link
3Ryan SuterChicago Blackhawks2015112629:58Game Direct Link
4Kyle QuinceyMontreal Canadiens201548929:43Game Direct Link
5Jack JohnsonBoston Bruins201565429:27Game Direct Link
6Ryan SuterChicago Blackhawks201593029:26Game Direct Link
7Alexander SteenSan Jose Sharks201513629:21Game Direct Link
8Drew DoughtyToronto Maple Leafs201594029:20Game Direct Link
9Alexander EdlerArizona Coyotes201537729:18Game Direct Link
10Ryan SuterChicago Blackhawks2015114629:07Game Direct Link
Most Ice Time In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jack JohnsonBoston Bruins20152142
2Erik KarlssonVancouver Canucks20152132
3Ryan SuterChicago Blackhawks20152106
4Drew DoughtyToronto Maple Leafs20152067
5Andy GreeneTampa Bay Lightning20152065
6P.K. SubbanColorado Avalanche20152064
7Dustin ByfuglienBuffalo Sabres20152057
8Alexander EdlerLos Angeles Kings20152037
9Josh GorgesNew Jersey Devils20152035
10Alex GoligoskiDetroit Red Wings20152021
Most Goals In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Marian GaborikFlorida Panthers20157815Game Direct Link
2Nick FolignoMontreal Canadiens20157994Game Direct Link
3Alex OvechkinCarolina Hurricanes201511744Game Direct Link
4Jamie BennToronto Maple Leafs201512224Game Direct Link
5Tomas PlekanecColumbus Blue Jackets2015343Game Direct Link
6Shane DoanDallas Stars2015433Game Direct Link
7Kyle TurrisCalgary Flames2015443Game Direct Link
8Pascal DupuisCalgary Flames2015873Game Direct Link
9Corey PerryCarolina Hurricanes20151053Game Direct Link
10Matthew CarleNashville Predators20151123Game Direct Link
Most Goals In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Tyler SeguinBuffalo Sabres201546
2Zach PariseNew Jersey Devils201542
3Nick FolignoMontreal Canadiens201541
4Jeff CarterChicago Blackhawks201540
5Ryan JohansenNew York Rangers201540
6Claude GirouxToronto Maple Leafs201540
7Tomas PlekanecColumbus Blue Jackets201539
8Andrew LaddOttawa Senators201539
9Scott HartnellOttawa Senators201539
10Joe PavelskiMinnesota Wild201537
Most Assists In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Chris HigginsNew Jersey Devils20153825Game Direct Link
2Anton LanderLos Angeles Kings20158095Game Direct Link
3Evander KaneMontreal Canadiens201514Game Direct Link
4Dennis WidemanCalgary Flames2015284Game Direct Link
5Zach BogosianBuffalo Sabres2015554Game Direct Link
6Logan CoutureNew York Rangers20154974Game Direct Link
7Brad RichardsMinnesota Wild20155714Game Direct Link
8Morgan RiellyColumbus Blue Jackets20155764Game Direct Link
9Brayden SchennWashington Capitals20156634Game Direct Link
10Paul StastnyMontreal Canadiens20157994Game Direct Link
Most Assists In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Matt DucheneNew Jersey Devils201572
2Drew DoughtyToronto Maple Leafs201568
3Sidney CrosbyColorado Avalanche201567
4P.K. SubbanColorado Avalanche201566
5Kris LetangVancouver Canucks201563
6Nick FolignoMontreal Canadiens201562
7Alexander EdlerLos Angeles Kings201560
8Brayden SchennMontreal Canadiens201558
9Ryan JohansenNew York Rangers201558
10Erik KarlssonVancouver Canucks201555
Most Points In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Chris HigginsNew Jersey Devils20153826Game Direct Link
2Brayden SchennWashington Capitals20156636Game Direct Link
3Joe PavelskiMinnesota Wild2015645Game Direct Link
4Mark ScheifeleMinnesota Wild2015645Game Direct Link
5Pascal DupuisCalgary Flames2015875Game Direct Link
6Max PaciorettyCarolina Hurricanes20155025Game Direct Link
7Kyle TurrisCalgary Flames20155145Game Direct Link
8Ryan JohansenNew York Rangers20157765Game Direct Link
9Marian GaborikFlorida Panthers20157815Game Direct Link
10Anton LanderLos Angeles Kings20158095Game Direct Link
Most Points In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Matt DucheneNew Jersey Devils2015105
2Nick FolignoMontreal Canadiens2015103
3Ryan JohansenNew York Rangers201598
4P.K. SubbanColorado Avalanche201598
5Tyler SeguinBuffalo Sabres201598
6Claude GirouxToronto Maple Leafs201596
7Zach PariseNew Jersey Devils201593
8Sidney CrosbyColorado Avalanche201590
9Tomas PlekanecColumbus Blue Jackets201589
10Andrew LaddOttawa Senators201588
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Joe PavelskiMinnesota Wild201566614Game Direct Link
2John TavaresDallas Stars201575114Game Direct Link
3Mark StoneSt. Louis Blues20154413Game Direct Link
4Justin AbdelkaderOttawa Senators201518813Game Direct Link
5Blake WheelerDetroit Red Wings201522013Game Direct Link
6Tomas PlekanecColumbus Blue Jackets201530513Game Direct Link
7Jamie BennPittsburgh Penguins201550113Game Direct Link
8Eric StaalDallas Stars201556113Game Direct Link
9Marian GaborikFlorida Panthers201570713Game Direct Link
10Jonathan ToewsAnaheim Ducks201581113Game Direct Link
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Joe PavelskiMinnesota Wild2015446
2Jonathan ToewsSan Jose Sharks2015417
3Tyler SeguinBuffalo Sabres2015413
4Marian GaborikFlorida Panthers2015386
5Logan CoutureNew York Rangers2015382
6Tomas PlekanecColumbus Blue Jackets2015373
7Alex OvechkinCarolina Hurricanes2015371
8Jamie BennToronto Maple Leafs2015369
9Andrew LaddOttawa Senators2015365
10Ryan JohansenNew York Rangers2015359
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Alexander EdlerArizona Coyotes20151099Game Direct Link
2Chris PhillipsPittsburgh Penguins20159399Game Direct Link
3Ron HainseyPittsburgh Penguins20151838Game Direct Link
4Brenden DillonPittsburgh Penguins20156578Game Direct Link
5Connor MurphyWashington Capitals20157618Game Direct Link
6Connor MurphyWashington Capitals20158018Game Direct Link
7Mark FayneNew Jersey Devils20158698Game Direct Link
8Andy GreeneTampa Bay Lightning20159758Game Direct Link
9Josh GorgesNew Jersey Devils201510388Game Direct Link
10Willie MitchellSan Jose Sharks201510848Game Direct Link
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Connor MurphyWashington Capitals2015197
2Willie MitchellSan Jose Sharks2015196
3Josh GorgesNew Jersey Devils2015192
4Dalton ProutWashington Capitals2015169
5Michael StoneEdmonton Oilers2015163
6Andy GreeneTampa Bay Lightning2015157
7Jack JohnsonBoston Bruins2015154
8James WisniewskiFlorida Panthers2015150
9Brayden McNabbWashington Capitals2015144
10Brent SeabrookColumbus Blue Jackets2015144
Most Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Travis ZajacNew Jersey Devils20153825Game Direct Link
2Chris HigginsNew Jersey Devils20153825Game Direct Link
3Brian GiontaNew Jersey Devils20153825Game Direct Link
4Michal RozsivalMontreal Canadiens20154705Game Direct Link
5Jakub KindlMontreal Canadiens20154705Game Direct Link
6Brandon SaadToronto Maple Leafs20155285Game Direct Link
7Jaden SchwartzToronto Maple Leafs20155285Game Direct Link
8Tyler JohnsonToronto Maple Leafs20155285Game Direct Link
9Patrik EliasFlorida Panthers20157815Game Direct Link
10Marian GaborikFlorida Panthers20157815Game Direct Link
Most Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Sami VatanenVancouver Canucks201554
2Jeff CarterChicago Blackhawks201549
3David BackesChicago Blackhawks201543
4Troy BrouwerNew York Rangers201541
5Ryan JohansenNew York Rangers201539
6Tyler JohnsonToronto Maple Leafs201539
7Jaden SchwartzToronto Maple Leafs201535
8Patrick SharpVancouver Canucks201533
9Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red Wings201530
10Anton StralmanVancouver Canucks201528
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Jamie BennPittsburgh Penguins2015670-6Game Direct Link
2Tomas FleischmannNew York Islanders2015528-5Game Direct Link
3Jason ZuckerNew York Islanders2015528-5Game Direct Link
4Brian CampbellNew York Islanders2015528-5Game Direct Link
5Nick BjugstadNew York Islanders2015528-5Game Direct Link
6Jakub VoracekPittsburgh Penguins2015670-5Game Direct Link
7Brenden DillonPittsburgh Penguins2015670-5Game Direct Link
8Travis HamonicPittsburgh Penguins2015670-5Game Direct Link
9Darren HelmPittsburgh Penguins2015670-5Game Direct Link
10Pascal DupuisCalgary Flames2015817-5Game Direct Link
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Tyson StrachanTampa Bay Lightning2015-39
2Michael RafflEdmonton Oilers2015-38
3Andy GreeneTampa Bay Lightning2015-36
4Kris RussellTampa Bay Lightning2015-35
5Oscar KlefbomLos Angeles Kings2015-34
6Gregory CampbellLos Angeles Kings2015-34
7Jonathan HuberdeauTampa Bay Lightning2015-33
8Brooks LaichEdmonton Oilers2015-28
9Brandon PrustTampa Bay Lightning2015-27
10Tuomo RuutuLos Angeles Kings2015-27
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Tyson StrachanTampa Bay Lightning20154219Game Direct Link
2Brett ConnollyWashington Capitals20159819Game Direct Link
3Patrick MarleauCarolina Hurricanes201552019Game Direct Link
4Steve OttOttawa Senators201591419Game Direct Link
5Marco ScandellaAnaheim Ducks2015103819Game Direct Link
6Chris PhillipsColorado Avalanche20151117Game Direct Link
7Daniel CarcilloCalgary Flames20152817Game Direct Link
8Korbinian HolzerAnaheim Ducks201510617Game Direct Link
9Austin MadaiskyWashington Capitals201513517Game Direct Link
10Dan BoyleLos Angeles Kings201515617Game Direct Link
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Dalton ProutWashington Capitals2015200
2Dion PhaneufCarolina Hurricanes2015187
3Tim GleasonAnaheim Ducks2015164
4Robyn RegehrDallas Stars2015148
5Brooks OrpikToronto Maple Leafs2015146
6Dustin ByfuglienBuffalo Sabres2015139
7Connor MurphyWashington Capitals2015137
8Troy BrouwerNew York Rangers2015129
9Marc MethotColumbus Blue Jackets2015121
10Erik GudbransonDallas Stars2015116
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Scott HartnellOttawa Senators201566112Game Direct Link
2Robyn RegehrDallas Stars201511311Game Direct Link
3Troy BrouwerNew York Rangers201549711Game Direct Link
4Eric GrybaNew Jersey Devils201563611Game Direct Link
5Zbynek MichalekMontreal Canadiens20151810Game Direct Link
6Brandon DubinskySan Jose Sharks20155810Game Direct Link
7Dalton ProutWashington Capitals201522010Game Direct Link
8Travis HamonicPittsburgh Penguins201532110Game Direct Link
9David PerronNashville Predators201563910Game Direct Link
10David SavardWinnipeg Jets201583310Game Direct Link
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Alex OvechkinCarolina Hurricanes2015290
2Travis HamonicSan Jose Sharks2015287
3Dalton ProutWashington Capitals2015286
4Scott HartnellOttawa Senators2015284
5Michael StoneEdmonton Oilers2015265
6David BackesChicago Blackhawks2015254
7Chris KunitzColorado Avalanche2015251
8Brandon DubinskySan Jose Sharks2015248
9Jack JohnsonBoston Bruins2015246
10Dustin ByfuglienBuffalo Sabres2015236
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jeff CarterChicago Blackhawks20153
2Clarke MacArthurArizona Coyotes20153
3Tyler SeguinBuffalo Sabres20153
4Anze KopitarDetroit Red Wings20152
5Elias LindholmEdmonton Oilers20152
6Patrick SharpVancouver Canucks20152
7David LegwandTampa Bay Lightning20151
8Joe PavelskiMinnesota Wild20151
9Johan FranzenToronto Maple Leafs20151
Most Hat Trick In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Blake WheelerDetroit Red Wings20153
2Nick FolignoMontreal Canadiens20153
3Alex OvechkinCarolina Hurricanes20152
4Cam AtkinsonAnaheim Ducks20152
5Zach PariseNew Jersey Devils20152
6Jonathan ToewsSan Jose Sharks20152
7David BackesChicago Blackhawks20151
8Jeff CarterChicago Blackhawks20151
9Andrew ShawOttawa Senators20151
Best Faceoff in 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Paul StastnySt. Louis Blues201562.00%
2Jason SpezzaBoston Bruins201561.90%
3Travis ZajacNew Jersey Devils201561.80%
4Manny MalhotraDallas Stars201561.70%
5Mikko KoivuPhiladelphia Flyers201560.80%
6Mike FisherDetroit Red Wings201560.40%
7Anze KopitarDetroit Red Wings201559.90%
8Jordan StaalArizona Coyotes201559.30%
9David BackesChicago Blackhawks201558.90%
10Joe PavelskiMinnesota Wild201558.90%

Goalies Records

Shutout In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Kari LehtonenAnaheim Ducks201528
2Jimmy HowardMontreal Canadiens201527
3Pekka RinneDetroit Red Wings201526
4Jonas HillerNashville Predators201525
5Carey PriceCarolina Hurricanes20158
6Corey CrawfordNew York Rangers20156
7Craig AndersonNew Jersey Devils20155
8Jaroslav HalakArizona Coyotes20154
9Antti NiemiColumbus Blue Jackets20154
10Brian ElliottNew York Rangers20153
Shots Received In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Jimmy HowardMontreal Canadiens20155277
2Cam WardNew York Islanders20154857
3Roberto LuongoCalgary Flames20154706
4Mike SmithTampa Bay Lightning20154575
5Craig AndersonNew Jersey Devils20154356
6Carey PriceCarolina Hurricanes20153930
7Ben BishopFlorida Panthers20153730
8Corey CrawfordNew York Rangers20153422
9Connor HellebuyckEdmonton Oilers20153387
10Braden HoltbyDetroit Red Wings20153209
Win In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Carey PriceCarolina Hurricanes201552
2Roberto LuongoCalgary Flames201549
3Craig AndersonNew Jersey Devils201547
4Steve MasonSan Jose Sharks201546
5Jaroslav HalakArizona Coyotes201544
6Sergei BobrovskyVancouver Canucks201544
7Marc-Andre FleuryOttawa Senators201536
8Braden HoltbyDetroit Red Wings201534
9Connor HellebuyckEdmonton Oilers201529
10Andrew HammondPittsburgh Penguins201523
Lost In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Connor HellebuyckEdmonton Oilers201542
2Mike SmithTampa Bay Lightning201539
3Jimmy HowardMontreal Canadiens201537
4Cam WardNew York Islanders201537
5Cam TalbotDallas Stars201534
6Ben BishopFlorida Panthers201531
7Antti NiemiColumbus Blue Jackets201529
8Niklas BackstromSt. Louis Blues201526
9Corey CrawfordNew York Rangers201523
10Jaroslav HalakArizona Coyotes201519

Game Records

Most Goals
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Boston BruinsBuffalo Sabres201551713Game Direct Link
2New York RangersDetroit Red Wings2015121713Game Direct Link
3Calgary FlamesWashington Capitals20158712Game Direct Link
4St. Louis BluesCarolina Hurricanes201564912Game Direct Link
5Minnesota WildChicago Blackhawks201588412Game Direct Link
6Colorado AvalancheColumbus Blue Jackets201511511Game Direct Link
7Washington CapitalsEdmonton Oilers201531111Game Direct Link
8Nashville PredatorsNew York Rangers201553711Game Direct Link
9Carolina HurricanesVancouver Canucks201565611Game Direct Link
10Buffalo SabresWashington Capitals201566311Game Direct Link
Most Assists
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Boston BruinsBuffalo Sabres201551724Game Direct Link
2New York RangersDetroit Red Wings2015121724Game Direct Link
3Minnesota WildChicago Blackhawks201588423Game Direct Link
4St. Louis BluesCarolina Hurricanes201564922Game Direct Link
5Colorado AvalancheColumbus Blue Jackets201511521Game Direct Link
6Boston BruinsAnaheim Ducks201573121Game Direct Link
7Colorado AvalancheDallas Stars201576721Game Direct Link
8Buffalo SabresPittsburgh Penguins201588321Game Direct Link
9Calgary FlamesWashington Capitals20158720Game Direct Link
10Washington CapitalsEdmonton Oilers201531120Game Direct Link
Most Points
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Boston BruinsBuffalo Sabres201551737Game Direct Link
2New York RangersDetroit Red Wings2015121737Game Direct Link
3Minnesota WildChicago Blackhawks201588435Game Direct Link
4St. Louis BluesCarolina Hurricanes201564934Game Direct Link
5Calgary FlamesWashington Capitals20158732Game Direct Link
6Colorado AvalancheColumbus Blue Jackets201511532Game Direct Link
7Boston BruinsAnaheim Ducks201573132Game Direct Link
8Colorado AvalancheDallas Stars201576732Game Direct Link
9Buffalo SabresPittsburgh Penguins201588332Game Direct Link
10Washington CapitalsEdmonton Oilers201531131Game Direct Link
Most Shots
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Calgary FlamesSt. Louis Blues201544111Game Direct Link
2Boston BruinsBuffalo Sabres2015517104Game Direct Link
3San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers20151111100Game Direct Link
4New York IslandersFlorida Panthers2015103396Game Direct Link
5Minnesota WildNew Jersey Devils201562794Game Direct Link
6New York IslandersToronto Maple Leafs201552892Game Direct Link
7Vancouver CanucksAnaheim Ducks201556692Game Direct Link
8Vancouver CanucksEdmonton Oilers20157891Game Direct Link
9New Jersey DevilsVancouver Canucks201521291Game Direct Link
10Carolina HurricanesBuffalo Sabres2015108991Game Direct Link
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#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Carolina HurricanesNew Jersey Devils201552080Game Direct Link
2New York RangersPhiladelphia Flyers201583980Game Direct Link
3Calgary FlamesVancouver Canucks201587372Game Direct Link
4Los Angeles KingsNashville Predators201515670Game Direct Link
5Pittsburgh PenguinsCarolina Hurricanes201548770Game Direct Link
6Vancouver CanucksMinnesota Wild201584670Game Direct Link
7Vancouver CanucksWashington Capitals20159868Game Direct Link
8New York RangersChicago Blackhawks201585568Game Direct Link
9Arizona CoyotesDallas Stars201586768Game Direct Link
10Boston BruinsPittsburgh Penguins201546566Game Direct Link
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#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New Jersey DevilsWashington Capitals2015111265Game Direct Link
2New York RangersChicago Blackhawks201585564Game Direct Link
3Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals2015108063Game Direct Link
4Philadelphia FlyersPittsburgh Penguins2015121863Game Direct Link
5Calgary FlamesMinnesota Wild201585762Game Direct Link
6Carolina HurricanesPhiladelphia Flyers201589462Game Direct Link
7Detroit Red WingsWashington Capitals201522061Game Direct Link
8Columbus Blue JacketsOttawa Senators201582961Game Direct Link
9Dallas StarsFlorida Panthers201511360Game Direct Link
10St. Louis BluesDetroit Red Wings201530060Game Direct Link